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  1. So the speedo cable goes into the unit and then another cable goes out from the unit to your speedometer? If that is the case, you will need to buy a stock speedometer cable to keep your speedometer functioning.
  2. You have toe in on one rear wheel and toe out on another causing a thrust angle.......how much those numbers affect your car, I don't know. I do know that having toe in on one rear wheel and toe out on another will cause the car to dogtrack and the the steering wheel will be off center because of the rear toe difference regardless of how the fronts are pointed. Rear toe differences used to screw up a lot of guys who did two wheel alignments instead of 4 wheel and they later had to center the steering wheel by adjusting the front afterwards by carrying wrenches on their test drives and turning the tie rods until the wheel was centered. In your case, though, the rear toe issue would normally be accompanied with a steering wheel that pointed to the right of center when your car was headed down the road straight ahead........but with a slight dogtrack. I'm not a fan of any rear toe out at all and feel it's dangerous. I also don't remember if you can adjust the rear toe in the 280zx but my M30 has an almost identical rear suspension crossmember in which you can. I would think any competent alignment guy would have checked if it had rear toe adjustment capability and gotten your rear toe straightened out.
  3. I will try to get a mic preamp and a shure sm57 and record my car from 25 feet away as well as from inside without using compression and try to upload it somewhere without using compression. I'm running the stock 280zx turbo downpipe and cat with a pipe that exits in the stock position. One thing to consider is the piping itself influencing the character of the noise. A long piping run after the last stage of muffling will impart the "pipe noise" into the exhaust character. If any muffling occurs near the end of the piping with just a tip afterward, you lose that "pipe noise". For stock or slightly higher levels of horsepower, the stock zx turbo cat seems to have very little, if any, affect on horsepower. If you still have a stock zx turbo cat and the stock downpipe, why not bolt it on lightly and listen to it?
  4. Can you communicate with the ecu? Can you see rpms when running or throttle position when key on and engine off? If you can, try sucking the tune from the nistune unit and save it as if you are going to burn it to a prom. Then compare it to a stock rb20 tune you can find on the internet. If you get errors when trying to do this, then it could be that he nistune unit has issues. If can insert a stock prom in the socket and the car still runs as described above, then it is a sensor or actuator affecting the ecu and putting it into crisis. I would check the easy stuff first and move on to the more complicated stuff if you get no solution.
  5. That's how that ecu family runs without a working prom chip in it. It could be anything from a badly soldered socket to a nistune board that is non-functional. To prevent issues in that case, I usually pull the prom chip undamaged from the ecu or burn another one from an image someone has posted online and plug it in instead of the nistune board. Seems the commonality is the nistune unit. Can you communicate with it in the nistune software?
  6. Probably has the wrong switch in the locking mechanism.
  7. It's name is "not used" and one conductor goes to pin 10 of the ecu while the other has continuity with the shielding of the 02 sensor. It's probably a plug used only on the assembly line and never get's use again. since the non-turbos use a very similar pinout (almost identical) to the bosch generic ecus found on other cars, you might find out what it does.
  8. yeah.....been a while so foggy memory and was probably applying the later recaro KRX vs KRS nomenclature to earlier seats where the catalogs didn't mention the seat bottoms shapes separate from the models.............you just got a krs which meant big bolsters or the krx which had small bolsters. We had a whole showroom full of recaros and flofits but I really liked the one they called "the orthopedic" and sold a lot of them to people who had bought a brand new Honda accord or acura in the mid to late 80s and found they caused back pain on long trips. I'm pretty sure I've seen those exact seats in a MKI golf GTI but with net headrests but they may also have come in the BMW 320I from the late 1970s/early 1980s.
  9. Recaro made so many OE and aftermarket seats, that it really muddies up the waters. Those shown in the first post could go as far back as 1979 Volkswagen, ford capri, various bmws and porsches, as well as alfas. I've seen a very similar seat named the recaro LS but the seat bottom bolsters are of the smaller type used by the LX while the seat back has LS type bolsters. Other names are "idealseat" which is early and "trophy" for that style but that comes later. Used to be an importer of recaro seats in the mid-80s working at electrodyne and recaro seat identification is not easy. couple of threads that will help. http://forums.rennlist.com/rennforums/general-porsche-discussions-forum/619604-recaro-resource-guide.html http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=118644 As far as brackets to fit an early Z car, know that you have to use the right hand seat brackets on the left seat and vice versa if you are using recaro brackets to fit them to the car. Here is a resource for brackets which may eliminate the need to swap the brackets as you have to do with recaro. http://wedgebrackets.com/seat-brackets-home/
  10. Are we satisfying the ecu in question concerning setting base timing and have some way to see that timing on the front pulley? Some ecu of that family have a 5 degree timing change at idle depending on ground to a certain terminal.....usually from the park/neutral safety switch that retards timing 5 degrees. This is on ecus that came from automatic sourced cars.
  11. The parts stores online offer more than a few different suppliers. Felpro will be brown paper while victor reinz and ishino will be sweet. Victor Reinz is sweet for the intake/exhaust gasket but their recent head gaskets have less holes than the ishinos of a couple years ago.
  12. B&M used to make a "shift kit" for the 3n71b and I put it in my mazda RX5 cosmo. It didn't look like they spent much time on it and the included literature was sparse. This is totally sweet by comparison with nice photos of the process. NIce job RB30x!!!. Here in America, the best trans. to use as a starting point is from a RX-7 turbo, Z31 turbo, or Mitsubishi starion/conquest ESI/TSI and swap over a 1984 maxima bellhousing for the 4n71b or use the one from your Z for the 3n71b if you want to use it with the L28.........don't forget the proper flexplate and to do measuring of the torque convertors to guarantee fitment.
  13. Since dash lights were connected to the original radio and possibly the fascia around it, I see tons of cars with those green with white strip wires shorting to ground because they were no longer needed and the person doing the work didn't properly cover them.
  14. Welding in frame rails usually requires someone inside the car to put out the inevitable fires unless you're spending huge amounts of time stripping both sides down to bare metal. During the early 1980s, regular brake cleaner was 1,1,1, trichloroethane which actually has "extinguishing fires" as a possible usage in literature from manufacturers. Well......somebody changed the forumulation for " brake cleaner" in the early 1990s to something that burns with great enthusiasm so..........when we had someone up in the car with a can of brake cleaner playing "whack-a-mole" with the little fires as the guy below welded, a great ball of fire was observed amid much cussing.
  15. These engines won't start that cold without the cold start injector working. I used to carry around a can of carb cleaner and would pull off a vacuum hose and give it just a little shot and the car would start right up while no amount of cranking would start it otherwise.....until warm. Thermo time switch makes the cold start injector work for those few seconds you need it.
  16. Does the boss adapter work with a momo wheel?
  17. It's a timer unit.........most likely for the seat belt warning system.
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