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  2. Pull one from a 280zx in the junkyard that already uses c/v axles? I know the 1984 maxima uses c/v type axles and they are same length as 280zx.
  3. How do you deal with bolting the converter to the assembly? I like the idea of being able to use 200r4 or maybe even 700r4.
  4. My stock L28et (other than flat top pistons from n/a) in front of a stock 280zx turbo 3n71b will break the tires loose for a couple of feet if I simply stamp the throttle at a light if the surface is less than perfect (dry, not wet). This is in a infiniti m30 with 3.54 r200 which is a bit heavier than a z car. It's possible the m30 management system helps and I'm sure the higher compression helps at tip in. What were the results of the compression test?
  5. At lexus, we get cars with check engine lights and a rattle from the back of the car on occasion. I opened the gas cap on one and it smelled like diesel so I popped off the cats to take a look and found a nice neat hole bored right through the center of the catalyst. The rattle was the chunks of catalyst bouncing around in the mufflers. I'm pretty sure it was only a couple of gallons of diesel which made the car hard to start and smoke a little. I've seen 1990 LS400s with pristine cats.
  6. Super low budget version would be to find a 1998 Lincoln mark VIII at the junkyard and get the entire engine with all accessories for 250 bucks and then spend another 40 for the harness and fit it yourself. Most I have seen there have teksid aluminum blocks and it's usually the rest of the car or the transmission that ended up the car at the junkyard but you're still rolling the dice at a upull yard.
  7. If your p79 head is complete and has not been disassembled, I would leave it alone and keep it as a spare or simply use it now while you source another P79 you can rob the parts from to complete your p90.
  8. Go to a local Z club meetup and get a ride in a 280zx turbo or l28et swapped into a earlier Z before checking out other options. It's so much easier than the other options.
  9. I've been running various ZXturbos with either a factory cat or an aftermarket cat and it sounds sweet. The nature of the monolith seems to get rid of the "sounds like ass" and leaves just some rumble.
  10. Sweet.......much learning was accomplished that will benefit you and forum members.
  11. He's pushing the car into the garage. I seriously doubt the clutch is even part of the equation since you normally push a car in neutral. I would ask him if he turned the driveshaft by hand after sliding it into the transmission but before bolting it to the diff.
  12. That's just it. I have like 15 m30 ecus, and a bunch of z32 and ve30de ecus as well as harnessing.
  13. Yep.....bought one after having my second snap on digital display timing light stolen in a 13 year period. One thing to do with the harbor freight gun is to test it against a couple of other "advance timing lights" to see if it's close as I had to pull off the knob and move it over one slot to get it perfect.
  14. Yes, the M30 in bmw terms is the 3 liter inline six but there is no relationship other than "m30" and no parts interchange. Early to mid 90s vg30e maxima is the same setup as the M30 except you don't get a consult port.......you get a check connector and there may be differences in throttle position sensor as well. Pathfinder is similar as well and a quick search will net you multiple threads in which people are seeking to replace their pathfinder or maxima ecu with one from a m30. I've done a lot of research into the OBDII pathfinder and quest ecus and I found little suppor
  15. The 280z has no closed loop operation but it is possible that it also goes into a pretty rich map at the 3500rpm mark. I haven't hooked one up to an ecu simulator in about 3 years so I don't really remember if it goes full rich at 3500 like later ecus or simply follows the airflow meter and uses a map without changing modes.
  16. The goal would be to make it as painless as possible for someone to install. That said, any replacement of the Z31 harness causes much pain. Obviously the injection harnessing will be different since Z31 is batch fired but I would like it to be a simple replacement or integration of the M30 stuff into the z31 computer harnessing and leaving the rest of the car as unmolested as possible. Addressing z31 automatic transmission operation with this setup would also be an issue if the car is equipped with the 1985 or later E4n71b. Much of the systems the M30 ecu controls are
  17. The 280zx turbo chopper wheel doesn't have any "cylinder 1" reference........it just supplies information that a cylinder is firing. Since the car has a distributor and uses batch firing of the injectors, it doesn't matter. The VG30e and et wheels on single cam cars have cylinder 1 identification necessary for sequential firing and I use them in the stock 280zx turbo distributor to run a infiniti M30 sequential ecu. Taking it further all the way to distributorless can probably well be done with the vg30e wheels but not on a Nissan OEM ecu as the distributorless Nissan ecus re
  18. I've always noticed that any emblem that says "turbo" on a Nissan seems to either be smaller or different font than the rest of the emblems. Would love to have "Nissan" on one side of the trunk lid and "turbo" on the other side in the same dimensions and font.
  19. I've replaced the sensor with a resistor near 1 megaohm......might have been 770k to eliminate a false sensing of knock from pulling timing when I was chasing something similar but you have to be careful when running without that protection. I was using a late ecu on a L28 and some sensors are sensitive enough that the valvetrain noise of the older engines trigger false knock senses.
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