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  1. Did they sell the "shiro" as 1989 model year or were they all 1988?
  2. I have one as well and considering just a short rubber coupler going to a throttle body with cable actuation. I guess two throttle body back to back with plate removed out of one would be super easy but likely look pretty ghetto. I think 60mm TB is as big as one should go since I've driven a super responsive n/a l28 with the Q45 throttle body and found modulating it at low throttle openings difficult since you need very little throttle angle to greatly effect power production. I mean...........the toyota GTP car made 800+hp with a 54mm restrictor and bob lentz's gt2 350z makes north of 380hp with a 30mm restrictor on a normally aspirated vq engine.
  3. I've run stock non/turbo/manual pumps on a ZX turbo engine for years. That said, I pulled one off a non-destroyed KA24 truck engine and it looks pretty big. There is a thread............... http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/98987-l6-oil-pump-differences/ Sadly, photobucket has ruined it.
  4. The reason a stock type intake can make so much horsepower is that it is feeding all six cylinders while we have a single SU for each 3 cylinders or one venturi per cylinder for triples. We've known this for many years in improved touring but the downside is that you can only run the injection intake on a car 1975 or newer meaning at least 200 pounds heavier as per the rules as well as having to run a cylinder head/piston/cam combination not nearly as radical as what was available for early 240z. I feel a well sorted F54/flat tops with a P90 head optimized for normally aspirated running with best stock injection intake could make great power depending on how much you shave the head for the sake of compression ratio. Has anybody tried the LD28 intake on a hot built N/A engine?
  5. Just remove the name "nissan". What I don't understand is the thousands of advertisements using every single manufacturer name in their listings for a crappy generic plastic aftermarket part. Why aren't they subject to the same treatment?
  6. I will try to check what I have and compare the head bolts when I have time. I do know that some people have had rod bolts break or back off resulting in a ruined engine but again......will have to check diameter as compared to L28.
  7. You don't want the benefit of knowledge of someone who has already been there? Isn't the CAS supported by a single bearing while the distributors have both a lower and upper bushing? I'm just saying you might get more movement than is optimal which will prematurely wear parts.
  8. The connector that is part of the TPS is just swiches.........one or two depending on whether turbo application.........maybe none on other cars. The grey connector is what has the potentiometer you will need. I run a M30 ecu on my L28et and it won't work without the grey connector.
  9. If not for the screw spacing, you can likely use one from some of the later vg30 single cam engines like a nissan quest or pathfinder. Just have to make sure it has two connectors.......one for the switch and one for the sensor.
  10. Also be aware that Z31 rubber and trim are super rare with mirror seals being all but impossible to find.
  11. Is the oil pump shaft getting enough support? Designs I played around with for your application of sensor had a bearing in the spacer.
  12. Sensor light is triggered by mileage. Now if you've lost a ground and the car is seeking ground through the light......................
  13. Clevite stopped making the steel and now only make aluminum for the L28.
  14. I question that must be asked is also "aluminum or steel?" I know Clevite discontinued L engine bearings with steel backing and only offer the aluminum. Some builders claim no trouble with the aluminum ones but I'm sure there is a weight difference which may need to accounted.
  15. Didn't the dealerships perform a recall where they installed thick heat insulators over the fuel lines of the 260z?
  16. This problem is likely looseness in the tension rod bushings causing big caster changes.
  17. The problem is the offset. A z31 wheel is more of a front drive type offset with almost zero dish as viewed from the outside while the Z car expects one with closer to zero offset.
  18. Been swapping from rotella 15w40 and castrol standard 20w50. Staying now with 20w50 since all my stuff is now super high mileage. At another forum is a good text only post of test results. This same testing lies elsewhere and has pretty pictures but it loaded with advertisements in between. http://www.speedtalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=31363
  19. I think the Z31 digital gauges had a module that went between a split speedo cable. Not sure what signalling it used or whether it was similar to the later speed sensors.
  20. Tried to find correct place to post this I did a used car check on a blue cressida with very good condition body and interior. 5mGE engine has the usual leaks in every place possible. Will try to post pic. Likely 500 bucks or so and it runs ok. Just seems like a good start for a sleeper project.
  21. If you ever do valve springs on any VVT/L engines, you will find that the springs are super light because the valvetrain is usually correspondingly light. The L28 has a relatively heavy valvetrain which requires pretty intense spring pressure and this spring pressure might be tough on any mechanism used to achieve VVT/L
  22. I took a walk through the junkyard when I needed the proper length bolts and found many cars have the proper size (and longer/shorter) used for various coolers. A 20 minute walk netted me 8 bolts and a bunch of washers.
  23. I used gpopshop because they specifically stated that they did not use cheap chinese crap.
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