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OK, ok, I'm a worm for having my terrible F-body oilpan hanging down like a pair of balls from a reciever hitch.....  I'm already spending over $100,000 Alabama dollars this year on this pool/garage project for the soul purpose of getting the Z out of my wife's garage, which of course is attached to my wife's house.  So I guess another $5000 on the Z is equally as justified.  But the drysump will have to wait until after I install a couple of lifts-this working on the ground is for the young kids.  After hours energy is the rate limiting factor.  How do some guys have energy for a drinkin' and womanizin'?

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Most S30 folks run their cars too low for best handling.  As you lower the car you must increase spring rate and increase shock damping.

This is true, I'm wondering if my Eibach 250 lbs, at all corners on the EMI coilovers will be enough to keep a lower ride height (slight rake) or need to raise it a bit. Will be testing my project soon at ACS and next yr Buttonwillow, WSIR. It's damped by Tokico Illuminas.

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