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LS3 based 403 stroker using Callies Compstar crank and rods, along with SRP pistons. The heads are L92 and the injectors are 48#. Intake is a stock Ls3 and the Tbody is a nick williams. Oil system on this one is a DRYSUMP from Nutter Racing Engines. The lines are Parker Pushlok and the tank is a butlerbuilt square 4 gallon. We plumb it with a Moroso -16 vent tank and also vent the PCV system with twin tanks plumbed to both chambers of the top of the motor. Everything is managed by the FAST XFI and XIM systems and all data is monitored with the integrated FAST DASH with data logging.


The Drivetrain consists if a custom T56 I hand built, and a Ford 8.8 rear IRS, that I also completely rebuilt. The car is NOT a street car and is going to start the 2015 season as a Time Trial car in NASA and move over to wheel to wheel in VINTAGE Outlaw.

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75 280z

Jci motor/trans mounts

Stock 04 5.3 iron block

08 pistons and rods

08 crank

243 heads (mild work)

Arp rod bolts/head studs

Comp cam (big)

Flipped truck manifolds

V band everything

Gt45r turbo

Ls1 intake truck throttle body dbc

F body accessories/just crank, alternator water pump

Champion 3 row radiator

2 Spal 12" pullers

Billet fuel rail

80# injectors


Trans brake, rmvb

Hurst quarter stick shifter

Shortened 01 mustang GT 8.8 rear

15 gal fuel cell

A1000 pump

-8 feed/return fuel line

Magnafuel regulator

Energy bushings

Lots more, just can't think of it right now

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After 15 years I decided to move away from my beloved RB and jump over to the dark side. As most people can attest to once you go fast its like a drug and you want more and more. Well I had reached the depth of my wallet with the rb. If I wanted to go faster and not eat up cranks and rods, I needed to drysump. I crunched numbers ,sold the rb and got into a truck motor and everything I needed to go fast and had enough left over to have anti roll installed and a parachute ;> .


So here it is.

2000 Silverado 5.3 w BTR stage 2 turbo cam, rocker trunnion upgrade, titanium springs and retainers, LS7 MLS head gasket, a hi volume/pressure melling oil pump, 1600 cc injectors spraying E85, and a Borg warner S480 turbo.


This will be mated to a powerglide with 3:70ish gearing in a 8.8 that is 4 linked.


This was a finished project that I'm swapping motors so if you want the specs on the rest of the car swing over to the rb forum and check out my builid thread over there.


I have a build thread going called Unnatural Aspiration part 4 ;>












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Pardon the dust, its been a slow moving project.




The LS1

  • Holley XP 750 Carb + Holley Intake
  • 211/230 .558/.552 122.5 Cam 
  • 1.7 ratio rockers,
  • mild ported
  • MSD 6LS Ignition Controller
  • LS2/3 Coils
  • Meziere electric water pump, 
  • CX racing long tube headers (not pictured) 
  • Hoke Performance (beta test) motor and trans mounts. 
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Spitz-how do you power the alternator with the electric water pump?


Uh, say what. lol. Its a bit vise versa :) 

Unless you're talking belt wise... then its pretty simple:



But.... that alternator is too big for my liking. So I want to fab up a mini alternator on the low passenger side. 

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original paint/interior

LS3 525


102mm throttle by wire

3.91 os giken L/S differential

Techno toy suspension

Techno wilwood big brakes front

CX racing mounts, headers and pipes

MGW shifter

Borla muffler

Frame rails

Bumper conversion

T56 tail mod for speedo

All original guages


Alignment by Soul Speed

Tuned by Aikmam Performance

Rota 16s

Michelin pilots






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1978 280Z - 2,560 lb. after swap


 - LS2/T56 pullout from an 05 GTO w/ stock harness 

 - Hawks Third Gen weld in motor and transmission mounts

 - C6 LS3 Oil Pan

 - Hawks Third Gen Longtube Headers

 - 3" Dual exhaust with custom X-pipe and Dynomax Race Bullets 

 - Ported and polished Intake and TB

 - VRX5 Camshaft: 236/238 .601/.605 113+2 LSA

 - Mightymouse catch can

 - Monster Stage 3 clutch w/ 18 lb. flywheel

 - 3" Aluminum driveshaft with billet slip yoke - 9 lb.

 - Z31T CLSD R200

 - Chequered Flag shortened half axles

 - Chequered Flag companion flanges

 - Tilton 7/8" Clutch MC

 - Wilwood 1" Brake MC

 - S12W Toyota vented brake upgrade

 - 14 gal. Jeg's fuel cell

 - Bosch 044 fuel pump

 - -8AN fuel lines

 - Ground Control weld in coilover kit

 - Tokiko Illumina shocks

 - 225/250 springs

 - Energy Suspension polyurethane bushing kit

 - Rota RB-R 17" x 9.5" on all 4 corners


Started the swap November 18th and turned the key on May 27th.  Started driving it May 30th and haven't looked back!





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:1983 280zx

:L33 5.3 aluminum block bored to 5.7, ls2 dart heads, forged piston/rods,ls6 intake 406whp

:RPM t56 trans rated for 750hp

:R200 w/ 3:54 gears and quaife internals

:modified JTR mounts for SBC to work with the Ls motor

:special Canton oil pan to get the motor low enuff

:headers are the biggest problem, I modified Billy boat c5 shorty headers

:made my own dual 2 1/2 to single 3 1/2, all stainless, had to use oval pipe to get over sub frame

:my grandfather purchased the car in 1984, then my dad had it and I bought it from him in 2004

started with a SBC swap in 2008 but it made the car nose heavy and I still felt it was out dated.

in 2010 the Ls swap was done.im jealous of all the stuff the older Z's have for Ls swaps, zx's have nothing

: A friend and I fully restored the body and painted the car from blue to black

:Arizona z car brakes

:techno toys front shortened coilovers

:custom made 420lb rear springs (very needed to reduce squat)

:whitehead performance 300m 39 spline stub axles

:300zxt cv-joints

:Boze custom made rims 17x7 and 17x8

:shaved side markers, antenna, side trim, rear wiper, custom taillights

:aeromotive fuel system, modified gas tank to be gravity feed.


: on and on and on, ill just stop there


everything done by myself and help from friends and family. many,many long nights and dedicated hours. And a wife that supports me taking the time to do it.









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I really hope this post can inspire some 280zx owners to do the swap. there isn't many that have completed this swap. the car is very dependable. 2918lbs. 50/50 weight. runs 11.9 @116mph in the 1/4 mile. and I beat on her all the time. awesome swap to do. im very willing to help with any questions.

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Hi guys,


New to the Z world, I just bought this car from a gentleman in Illinois.  Seemed like he really cared about the car but had to let it go.  I'm not sure if he was a poster on this forum but he did mention it.  


It's a 1975 280z.

Most of this is quoted from the seller's listing.  There's a lot more to say but here's the meat and potatoes.


1. 1999 GM LS1 from Trans Am with 118,000 miles, GM unlocked computer, PSI Conversions harness

New water pump, oil pump, timing chain, starter, rebuilt injectors (Oside Tiger), fuel pump (MSD), fuel regulator, 
(Corvette regulator and filter) Sanderson ceramic coated headers, MSD plug wire with heat boots, braided AN fuel line, PSI harness,new valve cover gaskets, intake gasket, silicone intake hoses, K&N filter, LS6 converted valley cover, new starter
3” into 2.5” all stainless, tig welded exhaust with Vibrant resonator and Magna Flow muffler, all connections are V-bands.


2. Professionally rebuilt 4L60E transmission and torque convertor (less than 500 miles), OEM Camaro shifter with custom weldedand smoothed shifter box housed in trans tunnel, custom solid brass shift knob (looks like a manual),

shortened shifter, JCI drive shaft, OEM rear end. The rear suspension is stock for the most part with exception of
T3 coilovers and all poly bushings.


6. CUSTOM one-off American Racing forged wheels, model VN477, satin black 17x9 and 17x9.5

Brand new Continental Extreme DWS tires 245/45-17 front, 275/40-17 rear
Custom yellow “continental” tire letters
Technotoy Tuning coil overs (front and rear), front lower control arms, TC rods, triangulated front strut bar (not installed)
SilverMine Motors Wilwood brake conversion, front and rear, powdercoated red
Wilwood master cylinder and proportioning valve
Technotoy front camber plates






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1977 280z

Donor Car 1999 Camaro LS1 T56

Hawks Weld-in Engine and Trans Mounts

Stock Block and Heads

CX Racing Longtubes with a lot of time beating , banging, cutting, welding to make fit

3" Header collectors to Y Pipe to single 3" out the back

Hawks Sinister Cam Kit (cam, springs, retainers, pushrods)

Fitech LS Ultimate Kit Including:

Aluminum Intake, Fuel Rails, Injectors, Throttle Body, Sensors, and obviously the computer and wiring

Champion 2 Core Radiator w/ Spal Fans

Shortened Camaro Aluminum Driveshaft, JTR Pinion Flange adapter for 3130 U joint on the rear

Stock R180 Diff, welded (yeah I know...its gonna blow someday)

Puny 215 tires, mostly to save the diff.  The tires in the pick have been replaced, Im not drag racing on dry rotted carcasses of a tire lol


Best 8th so far is 8.2 at 91mph with a soft launch to save the rear ~2.0 60ft.

8th Mile





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Felt like I should finally post on this thread. 


1977 280z 2+2

1. Junkyard 2004 LS1 from a GTO completely stock 

2. T56 with stock clutch and new throw out bearing (from the junkyard GTO)

3. JCI motor and transmission mounts and headers. Really great kit!

4. Tanks inc fuel tank and in tank pump. DIY 7 circuit fuse block with stock GTO engine harness. 

5. Started October 2018 finished April 2020 (this includes a full restoration but still got some little stuff to do)

6. Eibach lowering springs, Toyota truck front breaks, Maxima rear discs, stock diff and axles, Vintage Air AC/heat with JCI compressor kit.


Thanks to everyone on Hybridz answering questions and posting stuff. This site is a great resource.



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20230102_151237.jpg.6b48cf0adbe1a6250ece58d192f9fdd6.jpgHello all,

Yet another one :)

1974 Z in a slow progress project.

Gen 4 LSA with Lingenfelter heads, LS 9 cam, 2,4 upper pulley, 180 degree headers, homemade engine mounts and gearbox mount.

T56 from a Corvette modified with bell housing, tail from a Camaro, mechanical speedometer, and Magnum mid plate with bigger bearings.

Porsche boxster S calipers front and rear BMW f31 disc front rear,Twin master cylinder for balance, front hubs from Nissan S13, rear end from a ZXT and CVs(R200,4:11), Rear homemade control arms 16mm narrower (5/8), new half shafts to match control arms,

Steering rack from a UK Vauxhall Corsa/Nova(power steering).

Interior will see a cage(not fabricated yet), Cobra Nogaro seats with harness.

Wheels are Rota RBs widened in rear to 9,5X17, front narrowed down to 7,5 x17 to get proper scrub radius, tires are Nankaang AR1 225x45-17 front and 255x40-17 rear. BC coil overs.









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Double pics
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