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I tend to agree with Boobala......not my favorite show. The host of the show looks and acts like a meat-head! The thing that bugs me the most is their formate.....they start a race and then cut to a friggin commercial! Lame!!! However, I'm certainly going to watch the wensday night show. As quoted by the meat-head...."Lets race" (with the I'm so seriously cool look on his face).

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Wow everyone really comes down on the host, he seems alright, maybe i just dont spend all my time seeing if people are tools are not. Maybe you guys should host the show


My problem with the host is...


A. He doesn't seem to know that much about drag racing or cars but acts as though he does.


B. He puts on a tough guy act that portrays drag racing in the wrong light.


Other things I don't care for...


1. They don't use the track x-mas tree and timing system. Why not?


2. The whole "negotionation" thing. Just "run what you brung" or

get lost. If you want to run unmatched cars then do it bracket style,

complete with making losers of those who bust their dial-in. Really,

is it street racing or bracket racing... make up your mind.


3. Where they decide to stick commercials; right at the launch of nearly

every race. The can put them before the launch and still get you to watch

the commercials. The way it is now is just irritating, and kind'a insulting.

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Yeah, the whole show is just one race. The reason they don't set it up like a bracket race is that they are trying to simulate a street race situation. They just do it on the track for safety purposes. I read an article with the host, and he said that he's been trying to get somebody to buy a reality show idea from him for years, and this is the first one that's sold. He admitted he doesn't know the first thing about cars in the article. If you think about it, it's genius from a production standpoint: the whole purpose behind reality tv is that it's CHEAP to produce (no sets, no high dollar professional actors, people think nothing of cheap web cam style shots that give the illusion of being candid so you don't even need much equipment relative to a normal tv show) and this show may be the ultimate in cheap gameshows, since the contestants even supply their own prizes. The network really can't lose.

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