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Roll Call S30

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73 240Z, californian kit with g-nose, metalic purple, building RB30ET at the moment, going to be an auto for practicality (and it's for the missus) found some mint black leather porsche seats, planning a leather centre console, new dash with white faces and custom door skins, I have given myself 3 months to finish it (may not happen), when my girl saw it she said four words, I WANT THAT CAR. Bought it for $5000 (he was askin $7500) already sprayed and with an L26 with extractors and round tops init, sold the L for $300 and that paid for the RB, all seems to easy so far with the help from you guys and the castlemain rod shop, waiting for a snag.


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72 240z, bought it in 94 from a co-worker as a college car, has 300k on it now. I used to take it everywhere. Good thing i got the sport utility and amphibious options on it :| Camping, racing, driving through floods, been from oregon to the mexico border, and quite a few places in between.


currently has 2.8L, headers, and su's soon to be back to the webers. 5 speed, zx dizzy ( the first mod done in 95)







Parts I have not broken / replaced:

long block, speedo, front calipers, choke cable, horns, brake booster. Thats about it though.


I parked it in 2004 in favor of this:



But I have recently come to my senses and sold it so I can continue improvements on the Z. It is the orange rocket.

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Early 74 (11/73) 260Z. She needs alot of work, but she is mine, and I love her!

I'm in the same boat, only my baby's a late '76 (11/'76) GRS30 260Z 2+2, all as stock as your grannies wrinkles except for the gear box, which I was told by the previous owners was out of a skyline, but it's a 5 speed anyway.

She needs more work than I'd care to show in any pic's but like TravRMK said "she's mine and I love her!"

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