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Just got my car, looks like junk compared to your guy's cars. so I wont bother uploading, ill give you a link http://s477.photobucket.com/albums/rr138/visatrade240z/?action=view&current=000

THREAD REVIVAL... BUMP   updated my rear... painted the taillight bezel, new tires, lowered on coilovers now.  

Richard Owen took this photo at Amelia Island Concours last year. I know I must have some others somewhere.

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I've always liked the shape of an S30, but I've never been crazy about their tail light design. So, to make it cleaner and simpler back there I modified the stock tail light panels in fiberglass to accept some (cheap) HHR lenses.

The HHR lenses start out angled, so they had to be straightened, and it took a lot of futzin around to do that, so when I do it over I'll use some euro looking (expensive) Hella lights.

I'm still getting used to the car's new butt, it being such a departure from stock. I like it, but I have a re-design in mind utilizing the round lenses.







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