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Post pics of your z's here!!


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My early 260z

the giver of many surprises thus far... both good and bad hehe

Front air dam with custom license plate recess, shaved rear bumper and 240z small front bumper. Western Wheel (model?) wheels, 14x7 0 offset, oooold tires, but they have white letters so they're still cool. 



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I love the stance of your Z, spitz. What's your suspension setup?


What do you think of the 911 compared to the Z? Doesn't seem like too many people (that I can find) have experience with both, but I've heard the 911 rides/handles better.


To be completely honest - stock for stock, I would say the 911's. But out of my cars, the Z handles best. The setup consists of ground control coilovers, Techno Toy TC rods, control arms, and Toyo RA1 tires. The modern R180 CLSD also helps pull out of corners a lot quicker. My 911T is completely stock, and I am tempted to say it handles better than the Z with the right driver behind the wheel. Early 911's are notorious for odd handling characteristics due to the engine being so far back. The 911 has always been in a different class than the Z, so I guess it's expected. The 914 may be more comparable? But I haven't driven one, so I can't say.


On another note - the 930 Turbo is a completely different animal. It's pretty much a point and shoot car, because it has so much turbo lag. Probably why so few survived, and most were wrapped around a tree within a few years. :) But this is why I like it - it has its own unique charm haha.

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 New member, Just purchased a '71 240Z as a project car.



Growing up in Scotland a family friend had one of the 70 odd Super Samuris built by Broadspeed cylinder head ace, Spike Anderson.





The car was purchased in the Bay Area, registered as a non op vehicle and has been in storage since 2010. 
Most importantly it is solid with only minor areas of rust, the floors have their original paint (which is more than can be said for the rest of the car ). Currently a very faded silver, previously black and originally Sunshine yellow. 

Engine, manual 5 speed gearbox and R200 diff from a 280ZX turbo. Rear disc brakes and Dana wheels. 

Induction is a Holley "blowthrough carb: with a Garrett AR 50 Turbo with intercooler. No surprise that the PO included a spare clutchclassic.gif



No headliner, cracked dash (spare dash cover included), mismatched race seats and no heater. Rubber trim cracked and dried out same for all suspension bushings. Missing bumpers. 
Stops in a straight line, brakes work but there is a lot of pedal travel.

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