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  1. Trevor

    Toyota caliper question

    http://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-280z/brake-kit-individual-parts/spacer If you are using 300ZX hubs, halfway down, select the + $20 5 -on-108mm option
  2. "Booster" wedges to raise height of a sagging spring.
  3. Trevor

    Primadonna Z #2 is on eBay

    Cool! It has a 4 speed race suspension
  4. Trevor


    http://www.caswellplating.com/electroplating-anodizing.html# No experience, but I have been looking at Caswell for kits and materials....
  5. Trevor

    Datsun Club/Groups in Idaho

    There is a Cars and Coffee - Boise, ID https://carsandcoffeeboise.com/ and group on Facebook. They meet every 3rd saturday
  6. BUMP - Still interested in selling?
  7. Must be that He is just a re-seller, not the manufacturer?
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  11. Is that why Ferrari 308 is so expensive? Royalties on the "0".....
  12. I had the same problem selling some NOS NGK spark plugs with "Nissan" in the eBay auction title.
  13. Trevor

    Awesome 240z on YouTube

  14. Trevor

    78 280z RoadKill Rotsun 2.0

    Update: She gets a 5.0L ford swap
  15. PM sent. I'm a buyer if this driveshaft is still available. thanks.
  16. See if this part is similar to your front rotor http://brembo.mycarparts.net/products/Brembo-09865510?product_application_id=11204216152
  17. Trevor

    Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Hey. Great car. Have fun and enjoy your project. It seems that without the transmission cooler, the cooling system is sort of minimal. Like: purpose built for run long enough to complete a quarter-miler pass. Is that remote water pump adequate for road driving?
  18. Trevor

    Project Chuck '71 Scarab

    I alwys liked the snug fit of Hooker Scarab headers.
  19. Trevor


    I heard about an electrical solution to (this on a '50s custom car). They hid a 9V battery connector in the car's grille, wired in parallel to the driver's door solenoid. As long as the bad guys didn't know what it was for..... and you can get hands on a 9V battery, it was enough to open the door with a dead battery - or even no battery. Still it would be a good idea to have a mechanical solution. Why is it "almost" finished, you ask? Well, we realized that a failure of the battery cutoff means there's no way to get into the car (assuming it was locked) and that would be kinda dire, so we need a secret/hidden, external manual rear hatch release as a last chance option. We already have an interior cable release for the hatch and I'd like to maintain it's functionality as well, so it could get tricky, we'll see.
  20. Trevor

    250GTO Replica on eBay

  21. 84 300ZX Turbo has 5-lug wheels, therefore 5-bolt rotors. Base would have 4-bolt rotors.
  22. I really like this roadster (and your GTO). Can you do a built thread? (not to take this thread off-topic), I'm interested in how the chassis is reinforced for going roofless.
  23. Trevor

    S130 / ZX front shock size

    EXTENDED LENGTH (in.) -27.559 COMPRESSED LENGTH (in.)- 16.1 STROKE (in.) - 15 DIAMETER (in.) - 2.205 UPPER MOUNT (mm) -12X1.25 (KYB) Manufacturer's Part Number: 365013 1979-83 Nissan 280ZX 1981 Nissan 810 1981-84 Nissan Maxima found it here: http://showmetheparts.com/kyb/