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  1. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    ok, I’ll look into the apex lca... Especially if there is more adjustment.
  2. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Thank you, I’ll look into that... I’m really interested to see if the frame shop finds anything. I believe the alignment shop printout says my toe in on drivers side is .65 toe in... (the printout is in my car) that is the 2nd time to the alignment shop after changing the LCA and bushings. I’m saving for the t3 adjustable lca, but before I throw money at it I want to see what the frame shop finds.
  3. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Thanks guys for your feed back. A little update... I took my car to a frame shop to try to figure out why I have so much toe in on my drivers side rear. I have new wheels, I changed the stock LLC , and put new bushings in, and it was still toe in. I should hear from the frame shop next week. Once I figure out my alignment problem I will research more on a engine swap. I would be very interested in checking out both of your cars. Seattlejester I will be in Seattle for about a month for work, so if your have time I’d love to meet up and checkout your car.
  4. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Thank you for your feedback! At this point I am having problems getting my rear drivers side to align... so before anything I need to figure this problem out. How do you like your 2j swap? How is the handling?
  5. 240Z VQ37HR Swap

    wow! I am really looking forward to following your build. I am in the process of researching this swap.
  6. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Seattlejester, thank you for your response, and for getting me to really think what I want. I would like to get in the hi 20s mpg, but still have enough power to be fun. I have a motorcycle for sale that should sell for around 5k, so I will have around 5k for a engine swap. I want a car that handles really well. I have dreams of doing track days and I hope to get into autocross. Ill be researching the Sr20det swap, f20 could be interesting. I was thinking the 3sge could be a good option, but since it has not been done... it would take lots of time. I’d really like to go on a ride in a datsun with a Sr20det. I’ll be doing all the work myself, so maybe I’ll only be a few thousand over 😉
  7. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Thank you for your feed back guys.
  8. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Thank you for your feed back guys.
  9. Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Hi I am doing research on a potential engine/ transmission swap into my datsun 240z. I am new to this forum. I have looked everywhere I know were to look. I want to know if anyone here knows of a Toyota 3sge beams swapped 240, 260 or 280. I bought my car with a hack job Ford 302 swap. At this point I welded a costom engine cradle, and re wired it all. The hammered v8 runs, but it is still not what I want... the reaso I am looking into the 3sge is... you can buy one for 1300 with 6speed. Stock they have around 200hp. I know a lot of ae86s have had successful swaps. I have also found a number of BMW E30s with swapped in 3sge beams. It seems like it be a fun engine in my 240z, and I think it could be done for less then 4,000. Maybe a sr20 is a better since it has be done many times. What do you guys think.
  10. 240z toe in problem

    jmortensen thank you for your response! I'll look in to the apex arms. I looking forward to reading the poor mans solution. did you make your rear lower control arms? It seems like they would not be too difficult to make. I may look into it. $500 to buy a set seems a lot easer, but cash for this project it a bit tight.
  11. Hi, I'm am new to hybridz, I have a 1973 240z, and I am having a anlighnment issue with my driver side rear. It is toe in... On the alignment shop printout it said the left rear is .66 degrees out. After researching and doing some measurements I thought my LCA was bent, so a friend sent me his LCA. I put that control arm on with new polyurethane bushings, ant took it back to the alignment shop... now it is .65 toe in. I don't want to just start throwing parts at it without figuring out the problem. Visually nothing appears to be bent or twisted. At some point I plan to buy T3 LCA's, I'm not sure what else to look for? I could take it to a frame shop to have them check the unibody, but I don't yet know of a great shop to take it to in my area. If anyone has any ideals of what I should look for. That would be great. Thank you. I just finished putting on the ZG flairs, and new wheels and tires... went to get it aligned... I am motivated to figure this problem out.