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  1. Suchfun240z

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    I’m excited to see you are back at it!!! I’m am still very interested in a weld kit...your right hand drive swap is sweet
  2. Suchfun240z

    280z 302 sbf swap

    Sounds like a fun build... I have a 302 with a carb, it’s fun... I still have a long ways to go.
  3. Suchfun240z

    HybridZ PNW Auto-x Day

    I’d love to, not sure my car will be ready, but having a goal will really help me get it ready.
  4. have You got to get some time on your car? When do your u think you will have a kit for sale? Loafers has been full, but I’ll plan a time to come down sometime this summer.
  5. When you get back keep me posted!!! Are you in Portland? I live in Washington, so I’m not too far... maybe when you have your car back together I can come check it out. I’m petty much planning on following your foot steps and swapping my car like you did yours
  6. Suchfun240z

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Sweet!! I think I’d be interested in a tacked up kit.
  7. Suchfun240z

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    I am very interested in this setup. When do you think you will have kits ready to sell? I’m looking forward to reading you write up on front brakes. Thank you for helping us all out! Keep up the good work!!!
  8. Suchfun240z

    Dexter72's 2JZ NA-T Budget Swap..

    Thank you for sharing your 2jz swap! I’m in research mode, and I want to just jump the gun, but I need to learn a lot more.
  9. Suchfun240z

    1976 280z 5.3 TR6060 Build

    Great build! Thank you for sharing... I am researching for my build. I’m learning a ton! Thank you, nate
  10. Suchfun240z

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Hey Jim, I think the gray would look really great... another blue color you may like is a 2002 year bmw color Laguna Seca blue. It may be worth taking a look at? I painted my motorcycle this blue. Your build has given me so much inspiration for my build! Thanks
  11. Suchfun240z

    Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    seattlejester I would really like to check out your car if you are still in Seattle. I will be in Seattle for about a month for work, so if your have time I’d love to meet up and checkout your car.
  12. Suchfun240z

    Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    ok, I’ll look into the apex lca... Especially if there is more adjustment.
  13. Suchfun240z

    Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Thank you, I’ll look into that... I’m really interested to see if the frame shop finds anything. I believe the alignment shop printout says my toe in on drivers side is .65 toe in... (the printout is in my car) that is the 2nd time to the alignment shop after changing the LCA and bushings. I’m saving for the t3 adjustable lca, but before I throw money at it I want to see what the frame shop finds.