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  1. Bigger Air Filter = Better?

    I'm having trouble buying into this - what is the reasoning?
  2. If the ride height is too high in the front then you need to adjust the spring perch down. Having the springs touching the lower perch isn't a requirement for many of these setups. It's very common for the spring to be loose at full droop, especially when you start using stiffer springs.
  3. If your car weighs less than 3000lbs and you're still using the strut suspension then it's compressing 3" or less. That's what the 250lb/in means - it compresses 1 inch for every 250 lbs of force applied to it (i.e., weight you put on it in this case). Changing the length doesn't change the amount it compresses, it changes the amount that it _can_ compress before it binds. All that said, a quick check of the Eibach ERS spring charts shows that even the 8" spring (the shortest 250lb/in spring they offer) has a bit over 5" of travel, so it shouldn't be binding. That leaves the possibility of your spring perch being too low (which is kind of a simlar problem to too short a spring), or maybe the strut being cut incorrectly, leaving your desired ride height too close to the bottom of the strut's travel
  4. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Correct - the vid is not sped up (watch the other cars and the roadway), and Yes it's my car - I really like this just because I never get to see or hear it from outside!
  5. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    One of my son's friends made this video and sent it to me, in case anybody was interested in what this looks/sounds like IRL...
  6. They're likely not too soft - just too short. A 250 lb/in spring should compress a bit less than 3" on any corner of a typical Z. Properly sized lengthwise, such a spring should have no issue whatsoever supporting your z at any ride height that the strut will allow.
  7. EFI: getting the injectors to work

    Soooo you put a turbo that's intended for 500+ rwhp onto a non-turbo L28 with the stock computer and want to get 195hp. Did I read that right? No, there isn't a way to do that - or at least not one that I want my name attached to.
  8. First - thanks Chickenman - your input was very helpful. Second - just ordered four of these from Koni - they had none in stock in the US and had to get them from their warehouse in Holland. Sounds like I should get them some time in May..
  9. Maybe a dumb question, but are you running the same shocks in the rear, and do you have any idea how these shocks compare to the 8610 RACE shocks? I'd like to switch to Konis and my fronts are sectioned, but my spring rates are too low for the 8610/8611s.
  10. Wastegate upsizing

    I'll second that - I have a Dewalt electric die grinder, and it's quite probably my favorite tool (and I have a lot of tools). Just get it - you won't be sorry!
  11. Master cylinder suggestions

    Yeah, I would start with the stock MC, and if that doesn't work, this MC from Wilwood comes in several sizes, and you can exchange the stock actuator rod bits so it will bolt right in. You will need an adapter to go from 1/8"npt to 10mm.
  12. 280z efi fuel tank

    I'm running 3 of the 11"x11" Hydramats in parallel in my modified '78 tank. Overkill, but I'm using an external Weldon Pump with it and wanted to make sure to keep the inlet restriction down. I kept the stock baffles, but had to remove the stock swirl pot.
  13. Transmission options for 300hp

    Yep - The stock 5-speed in my Z didn't start having problems until I was well past 400hp. At 300hp a well-sorted stock 5-speed should be fine. The T56 Magnum mentioned above was for _much_ higher power and torque levels.
  14. I just run it straight to the booster, but if you can find room for a reservoir, it certainly wouldn't hurt.
  15. Playing with fire

    As i said it was several years ago and I don't remember the exact amount. There was a significant amount of material removed, though. I went and found the thread where we were discussing this at the time and it appears it was on the order of 3 grams/rocker: