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New widebody kit design

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Interesting, kind of see an homage to the 280zx, 350z and such in there. 


Some reality checks. 


Center exhaust exit is usually not really viable since your gas tank sits there.


Curving around the tire is good, but when it goes all the way to the door sill like that in the rear, jacking up the car without anti-droop coilovers means the tire will rip off the side skirt.


The rear departure angle is a bit too shallow, if you live on a parking lot that might work, but without air ride or even with it going up a moderate incline is going to grind down the diffuser.


Center hood bump may be aesthetically pleasing, but most engines kind of use that space. Hence the bulge, having a dip is going to be a bit restricting.

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Hi Seattlejetster,

so sorry for not mentioning that this car will be a track car, so it won’t be going around shopping malls looking for what’s on sale on the weekend.

since it’s a race, the stock fuel tank will NOT be used, maybe I can snake the exhaust around it.

ripping the side skirts will not be an issue because the suspension is designed to travel 2” up and 2” down. 

There are no changes on the hood other than the two heat exit vents from the radiator and intercooler.

In the end, this is just a rendering, so little thing might change as my build goes along.



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