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  1. It is an almost 50 year old car. Restoration is a given. I did a ground up restomod on my 240z 10 years ago and the car has been reliable and a joy to drive. My wiring was still like new so I didn't have to mess with that. If you decide to do a rebuild spend a lot of time planning and estimating costs.
  2. Yes, but not too much. After identifying the fin that was rubbing, I used a grinding wheel to remove enough material to stop the rubbing.
  3. Go to Z therapy website and buy the video "JUST SUs" it will explain how the SU carb works and how to tune it. Watch the video over and over again until you understand the SU tuning procedure before tinkering with the carbs. https://www.ztherapy.com/
  4. This is the damper I used. It is 6.25" diameter. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/flu-620101
  5. Factory brakes are designed as a system. Change one component and it has a domino affect. You will need to consider brake bias in your decision on matching front brakes to the Mustang brake you already have. I recommend that you read up on front to rear brake bias before making a decision on any front brake install. Brake bias is covered extensively in the Brake Forum.
  6. Can't recommend a front brake system without knowing the details for the rear brakes you have. Need to know what rotor size and calipers are on the car now. Yes, the information on the link for the Toyota swap is correct, but I do not recommend the Wilwood MC as I had three of them fail - two of which leaked internally right out of the box. My set up is: Front - Toyota calipers, solid rotors and Carbotech AX6 pads. Unless you are racing you do not need vented front calipers. Rear - 240SX calipers, 300zx rotors (non turbo) and Carbotech AX6 pads
  7. I have done two 240z restorations (2001 and 2009) and was able to use the Precision kit for everything, but the doors, windshield and outer hatch seals. My windshield and hatch seals are OEM and they fit perfectly. Re: Vintage Rubber. It was my understanding that they were making their own rubber seals from scratch. All you can do is call them and ask if they are just selling the Precision seals or making new seals. https://vintagerubber.com/datsun-nissan/240-z/?sort=featured&page=1 Also, for current restoration information, t
  8. I wasted a lot of money on Precision seals. Could never get the door, windshield and hatch seals to work. Used OEM windshield and hatch seals and they fit perfectly. For the door seals I used Pep Boys generic seals - cheap and they have worked for 12 years..
  9. "In the ignition switch, there's your standard contacts for the accessory power, ignition power, and starter relay, but there's also a pin that heads to the coil via the tach. This wire is also joined to the ignition pin through a resistor. Am I interpreting this correctly when I conclude that since I'll be using coil-on-plug and an aftermarket tach that I can omit this wire? " Do you mean the green - white wire? On cars with point type distributor, this wire is attached to the (+) side of the coil and was intended to provide a full 12 volts to the distributor during cranking. If
  10. Try an auto paint store in your area. SEM works well.
  11. I used SEM Landau black for my interior restoration. Looks stock (see picture). Use the SEM recommended cleaner before painting. Summit, O'reilly's, auto paint stores sell it. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/smm-15013 https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/color-coat/paint---body-repair/paint/paint---vinyl--leather---fabric/9c208df7652f/sem-products-color-coat-12-ounce-landau-black-flexible-paint-coating/sem2/15013?pos=12
  12. If your Z will be a daily driver, then a 3.54 differential works well.
  13. I made mine out of a black rubber stopper that matched the diameter of the push rod. As I recall it was about 5/16in. to 3/8in. thick. Be sure to glue the disk onto the push rod to prevent loosing it again.
  14. Useful information: Download a Factory Service Manual (FSM). http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30.html Download electrical schematics for your car. PDFs are easier to read than those found in books. Some are in color. Buy the book How to Restore Your Datsun Z Car by Wick Humble. It will save you hours of searching for "how to" info. Focus on searching Hybridz as 99% of questions have already been addressed. Start bookmarking Z car parts suppliers. Remember these are 40 year old cars and will need restoration to be safe and drivable.
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