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  1. Wau impressive. The head looks quite tall. Does it fit under the hood? Will you pass inspection with this big change?
  2. Those are the new emulsion tubes he created. He also made new idle jets for weak vacuum(normal with a hotter cam) my 2.75L engine produces 275bhp with 45dcoes and 37mm venturies and runs close to a injected engine except the difference in hot/cold and high/low altitude. You can subscribe, give him your engine and dcoe specs, tell him your problem and he will help with a lot of patience and knowledge until it works.
  3. Or go a complete new way of tuning with Keith Frank at https://vintagetechnologygarage.groups.io/g/sidedraft/topic/100219752#4322 He has a big knowledge of the DCOE carbs and helps to the end of tuning. I went his route and find them way better and easier to tune compared to the original weber. He has his new kind of jets at this store. https://www.webstore.com/user,pgr,82598,ac,82598,owner_id,other_items
  4. Keith Frank Made new emulsion Tubes (one fits all) and new idle jets They are darn good and easy to dial in. So much better behavior compared to the weber jets tuned by one of the still existing specialists on a dyno.
  5. Hello I'm Looking for a 1972 upper Steering shaft (the one lower in the Column who goes through the Firewall) shipped to Switzerland. Thanks Marcel
  6. my cam is 290 with 480 lift. Vacuum is at 13. compression 10:1, forged custom pistons, stroked 280 crank, e88 head has 280z valves and is ported. videnza flywheel and tripple dcoes. idles down to 550rpm with 750rpm nice and steady.
  7. do you have a picture how it looks? how much is visible?
  8. This should be a complete kit.. Does someone know it? https://autoacsolutions.com/products/ac-kits/1970-1971-1972-1973-datsun-240z-air-conditioning-heater-defrost-complete-add-on-kit/ Thanks Marcel
  9. My l24 has 274 bhp and is a blast to drive and perfect for the street. As easy as stock to handle. But the costs are in the 6 to 8k range.
  10. Yes very nice car. About the 123. The power is not enough for our engines with triples. After adding a hi-6 CDI and power coil. The car behaves nicely. no more start problems when hot for example.
  11. The good news is the 240 does not think... No electronics just electrical. So no problem with Led's except the flasher reley needs to be one for led.
  12. It's just to bad, none of the available solutions have a long first gear. I'm using the FS5C71A and love the 2.957 ratio. Until now it holds my 273bhp but I will probably also need a stronger gearbox in the future. Hopefully something will come up once...
  13. Could be oil burning as well. If it's a lot of oil it looks like white with a little hint of blue.
  14. Wrong bolts (to small) between the driveshaft and hub could also clunk under load.
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