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  1. I'm interested in one too. The black anodized looks pretty cool. A silver one would be great too. Would the silver one have a black "Z" on it, or would the "Z" be silver also? Not sure which one I want yet....haha...but definitly want one. Greg
  2. Great that you're making some progress on this project Ron! I think I'll have to take a drive out to Sandy one of these days to see the progress in person! Greg
  3. I've got a nice blue one that I'd like to sell. If you're interested, PM or email me. Greg
  4. So the "O" trim is for the turbine huh? Well then I guess I have no idea what the trim is on the compressor, which is pretty important from what I've read. Thanks for the info. I'll have to see if I can find out more info about this turbo then and see if it might work or not as it is. Greg
  5. It sounds like it might work out ok then? You certainly made good power with it. 50hp for a 300 rpm difference isn't a lot....thats certainly streetable. I'm assuming that on my turbo, since it says an "O" trim that is for the compressor side? I don't know how the "O" trim compares to the 60 that you mentioned? I have no idea what the A/R is on the compressor side, but I've read that it doesn't matter as much as compared to the A/R on the turbine side? I don't know what the trim is on the turbine side either. Greg
  6. I've got the watched (former subscribed) threads at the bottom right, but I'm missing a bunch of them. Did they only convert one page over to the new forum? Greg
  7. Thanks for the info. I got a good deal on the T3/T04E with the .82 A/R turbine, so I can sell it and use that to get the correct turbo. I wonder what other cars might call for that turbo? Maybe the Supra guys?? Greg
  8. Does anyone know if a .82 a/r turbine T3/T04E with an O trim is going to be too big for an L28ET? I'm shooting for 400 RWHP with 17-18 pounds of boost, and would prefer to keep the car streetable. Greg
  9. Thats a decent price.....I got one complete with the brain and wiring and oil cooler with lines, and turbo with downpipe for $400, and it was a running engine. I got it about a year ago..... Greg
  10. As one of the above posters noted, Black Dragon/Victoria British sells these seals in addition to NAPA. Always good to have a couple sources for parts! I got a couple last year from Black Dragon and they look correct and fit perfectly. Greg
  11. I figured you were snooping somewhere in the neighborhood. Greg
  12. HAHA, thats a good one. Of course its not as fun making fun of Ron when he isn't participating in the thread. You should add "Slacker" to the Freakshow...haha. greg
  13. I do have a stock L28ET exhaust manifold that I'd sell and ship. I'd have to get it off the engine first, but if you're interested, send me a PM. greg Ahh...nevermind.....I just took a quick look at it and it is cracked....
  14. And then theres Ron Tyler......no one knows where he came from! Greg
  15. I'm still looking for some if you've got your issues solved with doing a mailing label hoov100? Let me know and I can get them from you. Thanks, greg
  16. So now that you have that turbo all mounted up, how has it worked out for you Hugh? Greg
  17. You would think, but not everyone seems to have that listed and many people have similar horsepower numbers. Thought maybe some forgot to mention it. Greg
  18. How many of you guys with the high horsepower turbo setups are running methanol injection too? Greg
  19. I have a T5 driveshaft, though it may be from a 2+2. If interested though, let me know. Greg
  20. What do you need a dash for? I've got a perfect condition dash for a '72 240Z that I'd be into selling. If you're interested, then PM me. greg
  21. With the job market the way it is right now you might just want to stay in school and go for your Masters. There are a LOT of people out of work so you're competing against all of them in addition to all of your peers that are graduating and looking for work too. BTW how did you work in engineering positions in the past without your degree? I'm working towards an EE and I don't get any bites on working anywhere in that field without a degree...... Greg
  22. The real reason those blew out was because you didn't diet over the summer Paul....too much weight on the vehicle. Glad there was no damage and you all made it home safely. Greg
  23. I've got a perfect one from a 1972 sitting here in my closet with all gauges and wires and what not. I was going to keep it as an example of where things go, but I could sell it I suppose. I don't have pics at the moment but I could get some if you were interested. I'm in Oregon, so shipping wouldn't be as bad as from across the country, but it would still be spendy to ship and make sure it is boxed well so it wouldn't get damaged. I'm not sure how much I want for the dash, as I'm not sure what a perfect one is worth. While I'm researching pricing, if you're interested, send me a PM with an of
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