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Found 341 results

  1. 1971 240z "Kirin" Hi there! This is going to be my little Z build. Picked her up as a gift to myself after coming back from Japan. Today she sits eagerly awaiting to be fixed up and driven. After months of sitting I decided it was about time to get a move on it, so here we go! Last Updated: Dec 1st, 2016 - added a couple notes to self May 21st, 2016: Got it running after sitting for 9 months! Now it's sitting again -- Crank Keyway worn-out Note to Readers: I've linked most of the things I've purchased with their part number and a website. If you see something that isn't linked, or want to know where I purchased something, let me know! Exterior -Chassis: rusted -Body: dented steel panels, cracked fiberglass head buckets -Bumper: deleted rear bumper, ugly stock front still installed -Spoiler: Fairlady 432R Reproduction -Grill: Fairlady Z432 Reproduction (1 tuff z) -Paint : 918 Orange (original) -Misc: (order weatherstripping you lazy fool!) / (research rust prevention) / (research body work & paint) Interior Everything was stripped! Lend me your dry ice... Electrical -Battery: New Battery - Optima Red Top 25 / Autozone Universal Battery Mount / (correct size battery cables) -Alternator: upgraded alternator - 140Amp -Wiring Harness: stock (order pretty rainbow colored one - EZ) -Audio: no stereo -Lights: Headlights: Dapper Lighting 7" Classic V2 + White LED Halo (Halogen) / Tail lights: Dapper Lighting Sequential LED -Gauges: stock -Switches: stock -Sensors: Crank Pulley Flying-Magnets system -Ignition System: Distributor-less Simple Digital System Coil Pack Ignition -Spark Plugs: NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs (PN 739-BPR6EIX) -Spark Plug Wires: 8mm Street Thunder; Spark Plug Wire; Custom Fit 6 cyl.; Black (PN 895-51090) (soon to be removed) -Misc: deleted external voltage regulator / (research windshield wiper motor) Engine & Exhaust - Acc. Belt: Napa (PN _____ ) -Intake Manifold: Mangoletsi -Carburetor(s): Triple Dellorto DHLA 45M -Jets: -Air Filter: K&N re-usable air filter (x3) -Cam: stock? not sure -Block: P30 L24 (Matching #'s) -Head: E31 - Ported (size) -Distributor: stock (delete & plug) -PCV Valve: Valve Cover Breather PCV K&N (PN 800-613) / Crankcase Vent Breather Filter PCV K&N (PN 800-406) (re-route to exhaust) -Exhaust: (research heat shield) -Misc: deleted random wires and screws in engine bay Cooling / Fuel / Oil -Radiator & Plumbing: Mishimoto radiator (PN MMRAD-DATS-70) / Upper & Lower Mishimoto radiator hoses (PN MMHOSE-DATS-70) / 1.75" Mishimoto radiator Tension Clamps / (install custom overflow tank) / (research fan shroud) -Thermostat: 160 degree thermostat & new gasket / 1/4" BSPT Alloy Steel Hex Plug w/ Plumbing tape (x1) -Fan: stock (order electric fan(s) x2) -Water Pump: stock (order gasket) -Misc: deleted manifold / carb coolant line & plugged thermostat housing hole / rotated 90 Deg elbow towards water pump - new 5/8" rubber hose [on order] hose brackets --- -Fuel Tank: stock (research fuel cell) -Fuel Pump: stock (research electrical/mech) -Fuel Regulator: none (research bypass 4+ PSI w/ gauge adapter) -Fuel Filter: Autozone (generic) -Fuel Rail: (removed) -Choke: stock (need to tuck) -Misc: new fuel sending unit, o-ring & lock ring --- -Oil Filter: Fram (size) -Oil Pan: stock -Misc: n/a Suspension / Tires & Brakes -Axels: -Suspension & Steering: clunk. clunk. clunk. -Braking System: I'll eventually stop..(all stock) -Rims: -Tires: cheap Goodyears (insert size) -Misc: n/a Drivetrain -Clutch: custom clutch hardline (3/8-24NPT to M10/1.0) -Master Cylinder: Tilton-76 7/8" Master cylinder (PN 76-875) / adapter (3/8-24NPT double flare to 3/8-24NPT bubble flare) / Girling reservoir, offset 7/16-20 outlet, 5oz -Slave Cylinder: Beck Arnley slave cylinder (PN 072-1258) w/ adjustable rod & return spring / SS clutch hose (PN 21-2170) (order mounting shims) -Throttle System: -Transmission: '77-80 "wide ratio" 5-speed -Differential: not sure yet -Misc: n/a Miscellaneous -AC: none -Heating System: deleted -Bolts: Replacing all bolts with ZCarDepot SS Bolt Kit (PN 650-000) -Hoses: Replaced most fuel vent hoses Going to have to backtrack a little, I hope you don't mind...
  2. Complete N36 Intake. $50 plus shipping. PM me if you have any questions or want additional pictures. Local pick up in Tacoma, WA. Chris cheath5521@gmail.com
  3. I am looking for a cheap, running and driving v8 swapped Z. It can be ugly but I do not have the equipment to do a swap. I have the skills and equipment to give it some TLC such as suspension and paint. A decent interior would be nice. I am young and broke, but will take good care of it.
  4. First time doing a write-up so bare with me... I autocross my series-1 240z last season and needed to upgrade my rear brake, but did not wanted to go to Willwood because I am running a smaller wheel, so I contacted Edan at Silvermine Motors to get his Stage 4 Rear Brake Kit. I currently have one inch Willwood master cylinder and Toyota S12+W front brakes. Shipping was fast and prompt, customer service was great. Complete install 4 - 6 hours, depending on skill level. The kit comes with all necessary hardware and instructions. Stub axles needs to be removed for the install. Mounting brackets needs to face towards the front of the car. Caliber mount needs to be installed next, see picture below. Install brake pads guides; grease as necessary. Next, place caliber on where the bleed nipple faces down. It's designed that way to use stock e-brake. Bleeding caliber will have to be done unbolted from the mount, then placed back on the mount, then adjust e-brake accordingly. Edan states the kit won't fit 15" wheels, but my Atara Racing 15x10.5 - 32 offset clear by a quarter of an inch. I'm sure I missed a lot of details, but the instructions include in the kit are very clear. I am excited to test out the kit on my SCCA car. For anybody that wants to follow how the kit does, feel free to follow the link to the car's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-DragonballZ/701471269934147 Here's the link to the brake kit : http://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-240z/brake-upgrades/stage-4-rear-big-brake-kit Any questions, feel free to ask.
  5. Howdy! anyone know where i can buy a new or secondhand L28ET motor for my 240z? Ive heard this is an easy swap that is very beneficial. Thanks!
  6. UPDATED 2 FEB: Cleaning out the garage. PM me if you have any questions or want additional pictures. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping. I will ship most items or you can pick up in Tacoma, WA. This is just the start of cleaning out the garage...many more parts to follow and I will update the list as things move. Thanks. Chris cheath5521@gmail.com Ramflo SU Air Cleaners $50 Set of Ramflo SU Air Cleaners. Just took them off my running 240. Good shape. Weiand Weber Triple Carb Air Cleaners $75 SOLD These were taken off a set of Weber 40s. They will need new filters and I am missing one acorn nut. Some surface rust as well, but otherwise in good shape. Stock 1972 Datsun 240z Air Cleaner Box $40 SOLD Stock 240z Air Cleaner Box. In good shape.
  7. Hi: New member here, in Scottsdale, AZ. I've owned four 240Zs in the past and just purchased a fifth, to restore (or restify) with my two young sons, teaching them about tools, mechanics and investing time in a project with a collective goal. I wish I never sold my last Z in 2003; I had a sudden and comprehensive case of idiocy. It was very well done (if I do day so myself); a '72 housing an NOS L28 / N42 combo with SUs, a close-ratio 5-speed, coil-overs with Konis, BWA period alloys and a set of Revolution wheels for the track, a big R200 with a proper Nissan Comp LSD and 3.54 r&p. Body was throughly done and repainted in a Porsche silver. Red interior, too. I'm a dumbass for selling that car. Innumerable hours and parts poured into it. Anyway, just bought an interesting '73 240, a genuine Euro-market car imported privately to the U.S. from Switzerland in 1983 by the previous-to-me owner. Don't know how many of these exist in the U.S. and suspect very few survive in the U.K. or mainland Europe. (It's LHD). I hope to chronicle the restification for one of the outlets I write for, or perhaps a new one. (I'm a journalist and former PR/Marketing guy.) The one that got away is below (silver) and the one that just got in is below-below (in orange, with two excited boys). Cheers.
  8. This is my 1971 240z restoration, this is my very first car, purchased in 1983 when I was 16. The car has been sitting in my garage parked since 1991 and my goal was to get her back on the road. Fix the brakes, clutch and minor things, but one thing led to another and the next thing you know I was all in. Car came with a sun roof and I HATED it, leaked really bad and anyone who puts a sunroof in a Z should be shot in public, so out with the sun roof and in with a donor roof from a 280z form the junk yard, I lead soldered all the corner joints just like the factory did. I cut out all rust and welded in new patch panels. Installed BadDog frame rails, cut part off the front end off that was damaged in a wreck at sometime, etc. pics show it all... these are the pics of a 18 month span. I did all work, including the painting of the car with Dupont Chromaone singlestage 904 white.
  9. Hi all, This is my first post on this forum. I have a 1970 240z that I am currently working. I am picking up an L28et as well as a 5 speed transmission from a 1983 280zx. I am looking to get a good amount of power out of this engine (around 450+ whp). After hours of research I have come up with the following L28et P90 head- port and polish dewebbed intake manifold JE forged flat top pistons (raise compression to 8:5:1) Injector 550cc Holset hx35 turbo Fuel rail? Depends what's out there Stand alone megasquirt ecu Differential 3.9 or 4.11 r180 3" exhaust I know I am missing a few things but I just wanted to get your guys input. I am new to these engines so please bear with me. Thanks.
  10. ok I am going to blow through a lot of questions here I have a 1971 240Z i upgraded the alternator and now my dash and running lights stay on anytime the key is on what could cause this? Second last monday i swaped a 79 280 f54block n42 head with the biggest cam you can get without going to larger valve springs i bought the motor this way i put my brand new ztherapy 4 screw su carbs on it with the msa 6to1 header and the orignal bosch distributer and e12-80 module but it wont run right it backfires through the carbs when you rev it I did get it to run the other day long enough to set the valves at .012 exhaust .010 intake but Im not sure the coil is right it has a pretronix 3.0 ohm coil from the kit I put on the 240 motor when i got it i also tried a crane cam lx91 and it got worse so I switched back to the pretronix my plug gap is .042 i just need a starting place iv done everything i know how to do to no avail. what am I not seeing?
  11. Hello everybody first i send a greeting to all and grateful from the beginning of any support can provide me I am about to build a 1970 Datsun 240Z and I would like to make a change (SWAP) from the beginning many people told me that SR20DET is one of the best engines for this change because of its low cost and accessibility of parts But my question is what i would need to change when i make the swap? example: * Engine * Transmission * rear diff * driveshaft * axles Which would be also the best SR20DET to put (s13 / s14 / s15) and which transmission (5 speed or 6 speed) i will like to go into the 300-350 hp again any help that any one can offer I will be grateful i 'm putting together a dream that I've always had and it's good to hear people who have tips that may help regards joe
  12. My goal is to swap a 2007-2008 VQ35HR and 5 speed automatic transmission into my 1974 Datsun 260z. I had a 2003 350z with the 5 speed auto and enjoyed it more than any vehicle I've ever had. I still have a set of Works Bell Electronic Paddle Shifters for it that never were installed. I plan to retrofit them to the 260z steering column.
  13. Hey guys! This is going to be my thread for my 5.0 swap in my 1977 280z. A little history....I picked up a 77 280z from a guy in Texas. Its not a bad car for the price. I had this crazy idea to drop a 5.0 in it, since I've got a 1995 mustang GT as a DD. I bought a 1995 GTS with a full Cobra motor in it from an auction website and parted out the rest of the car. My dad had a bunch of Z's back in the day, and I wanted to build something he would enjoy as much as I would. Please if you like any of this, let me know! I would love to keep posting some pics and hopefully get some help and help out some other guys in the same boat. Now...lets get started
  14. Hi Guys, Newbie poster! I live in the UK and run a Japanese food distributors. I'm English but have always loved Japanese cars. One of my first was a MK1 MR2 which was great. Good Z's are almost impossible to find in the UK so I've been researching buying one from the US and putting it on a Roll on Roll off ship for import. Cost is pretty good, about $1000 for shipping. I know what sort of car I want, but they're pretty thin on the ground, even in the US. I see lots on this forum however! I've made a pintrest page of the type of Z I'm after (don't snigger!). Ideally a completed rest / project car. 240Z Pintrest Page: https://www.pinterest.com/sushisushistu/240z/ Wishlist: Not crazy horsepower or an engine transplant, but a nice rebuilt stock motor or 280z swap. Flares / rota 17" wheels (I can actually source the wheels in the UK easily enough) Nice fenders (not the hideous and huge crash barriers some US spec cars have Fresh paint Fresh interior This is pretty much the ideal look. It's a members car too http://forums.hybridz.org/uploads/monthly_05_2014/post-5294-0-87114000-1398904490.jpg Thanks for reading, any advice appreciated. Stu.
  15. Entire R180 rear end taken out of a running 1972 Datsun 240z. I would like to sell this whole set-up together, but will part it out if it does not sell soon. Asking $100 for everything. WILL NOT SHIP, LOCAL PICKUP ONLY from Tacoma, WA. PM me for more information.
  16. Ok, so I can see the finish line from a very long journey, that is my 1973 RB 240Z. I have a CLSD from an 1989 Z31T with the CV shafts. I'm trying to get the CV axles bolted into my car but I have been finding out that these adapter options for the CV adapter conversion are PRICEY!!! Especially, when you factor in the price for having to get the 27 spline axles from a 280Z (getting harder to find) and the Modern-Motorsport option. Plus, I don't know why NOBODY developed and adapter for the stock 240Z 25 spline stub axles to just bolt to the Z31T CV axles!!!! People keep saying that it was for strength but I don't buy that. They are not much thicker, and you've only gained just 2 splines. For a stock RB, I'm sure the 25 spline will hold up just fine. I'm just trying to get my CV's under the car. Looking for the welded plate to stock flange option so that I can get my car back on the road. I've seen pictures on Google from what Modern-Motorsports "used" to do, but I need better specs for the plate(steal). I found specs for a plate for the 280ZXT CV's, but I cant figure out why no one has done this for the Z31T CV axles. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place... Anyone have any answers??? Thanks for any and all help you give.
  17. Many of you that have 240Z’s know the chrome tail light bars are one of the first parts to go, due to exhaust gases, weather and time. I’ve owned more than ten 240’s through the years and every one of them had rough looking taillight bars, with many actually starting to disintegrate. A couple of years ago I contracted to have a quantity of them re-produced and have since been offering them for sale. I posted here a year or more ago, but thought I’d provide an update with current pricing and a few pictures. There’s only one other vendor re-producing this part. Their price is higher and the accuracy is inferior to the parts I’ve produced from a perfect pair of OEM originals. Additionally, each pair of my taillight bars comes with instructions and all the necessary fasteners. I have many customers on this site and hope they’ll chime in and vouch for the quality and service received. If you’re interested, the price for club members, including shipping, is $129.95. E-mail me and I‘ll invoice you via PayPal and get a set in the mail to you today. Satisfaction guaranteed! Randy
  18. I started doing a swap into my 240z about 4 months ago im slowly moving forward. i got the engine with custom engine mounts and the transmission in with custom mounts. i got my engine from my 92 eagle talon tsi fully built. just got tired of not being able to drive it on the street because of the setup/braking transmissions. so me and my father in law were planning on building a z either way and putting a sr20det into it. but his plans changed and wasn't able to do it. so he gave me the 240z. so with my parts i had at home and the race 4g63 i really wanted to do this swap so i looked into what i need to make a rwd setup for a 4g63. so first step i bought a custom bellhousing to mate a r154 to 4g63. second step i made the engine mounts and transmission mounts. the engine sits in there like it was made for a z. lol then i started working on the intake manifold which i just made a flange and welded it to the other side of the manifold. next step was making sure my gt35r will fit rotated and it actually fit really nice so now im even more excited on getting this project done!!! pictures coming soon
  19. I'd like to purchase the three piece lower valance of a 240Z. I don't care about paint, but I do care that they are in good physical condition. Thank you.
  20. Wanted to update my parts list in order to get some of this stuff moving. Cut some prices and added a few more items for sale. PM/email me if you have any questions about a particular part or would like to see additional pictures. Prices do not include shipping. I will ship most items or you can pick up in Tacoma, WA. Thanks. Chris cheath5521@gmail.com DRIVETRAIN 240z R180 Half Shafts $40 240z Drive Shaft $50 SUSPENSION/STEERING 280z Stering Column Powder Coated $75 240z Tension Control Rods (powder coated black) $25 240z MSA Rear Sway bar (no hardware) $80 $50 240z 1" Front Sway Bar w/poly bushing kit $125 $100 INTERIOR 240Z Kick Panels OEM $20 $15 240z Interior Dog Leg Panels Red OEM $50 $40 240z Overhead Roof Panel Black OEM $40 $30 240z Interior Tail Light Panel Black OEM $75 $60 240Z Sun Visor Set Red OEM $125 $100 240Z Heater Motor OEM $50 $35 72 240z Stock Radio $25 SOLD 240z Glove Box Cardboard New $30 $20 EXTERIOR 240z Passenger Door window trim $40 $30 240z Front Grille OEM $50 Each 240z Driver/Passenger Chrome Mirror Set $40 SOLD ENGINE Two Row Harmonic Balancer OEM $30 Assorted Water Pump Pulleys OEM $20 each 280z Cooling Fan and Clutch $75 $40
  21. Hey all, looking for a used/new/spare aftermarket header (or perhaps full system?) for my L24. Not concerned with brand, just not rusted or broken. My stock exhaust is shot and it would make life easier to go aftermarket. Shipping to NC 28411 and I would like to use paypal. Pics and price to bstznut@hotmail.com Thank you!
  22. So i just got a 240z for my senior project and the internals of my stock flat top carbs are wrecked. I really dont have the funding for a new set of round top carbs right now so im desperately searching for some working flat tops or round tops! either works for me as long as i can get my z running. Let me know what you have!
  23. I'm cleaning out my garage to help me finish up my ongoing projects. I will list more as things sell. Feel free to make an offer because I really want to get these parts moving. 1. 4 screw SU Carbs that came off my car. One has some shaft play which causes it to not perform its best. Will need work. $140 OBO + Shipping. 2. One 3 screw and one 4 screw su carb being sold as a pair. The cleaner one is the three screw no shaft play. The dirty one has some shaft play and will require work. Selling both for $130 OBO + shipping. Sold as is. 3. 1973 240z Dash that I pulled from a parts car.Has the usual cracks and comes with all the gauges. Comes with everything you see. No shipping local pick up only. $120
  24. First post and thought I would start it off by saying Hi and introducing the '73 240z I picked up yesterday. I have lots of plans but I want to go through and make sure I neutralize any rust first. Seems to be very very minimal from what I have seen thus far. I hope to get more pictures up soon and possibly a multi year build log. Previously owned a '93 rx-7 heavily modded but after apex seal after apex seal, kids, house, I gave up on cars. Fast forward 10 years and I have something to play with again. Hope to make it a daily driven road car. When I say daily driven I mean weekend driver at most. I have a Rav 4 for my daily kid hauler. My 10 year old son is already looking forward to helping me wrench on this thing.
  25. SOLD!!! Passing on my 73 240Z project to one of my buddies and am getting rid of the carbon fiber ZGR tail that I was going to use. I got this item a few years ago from ZCC and never installed it on my car. It is a beautiful item with perfect lines and weights in at 3.6lbs including the mounting hardware. Quick history on the item...I ordered it when they were being made to order, but before mine arrived/was made there was some conflict between the seller and the fabricator that stopped these being produced. So 6 months after purchase the seller apologized and sent me his own tail. So the item is used but has never been used on my car. I am selling the item for 400.00 shipped to the lower US will ship further at buyers expense. Price is 370.00 if you want to pick the item up and are close to the Savannah, GA area. This is a firm price and pretty fair for such a rare item. If interested send me a PM on here. If you would like more information comment please so all get the information. I accept Paypal. Thanks guys!!
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