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RIP John Coffey (johnc)


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From John's Wall Through the shop:


A Celebration of Life


John Robert Coffey


Please join us at 12 o’clock noon

On Saturday, May 7, 2016

To share stories, laughter and memories.

Waterfront Hilton Hotel

21100 Pacific Coast Highway

Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Tides Ballroom – Casual Attire

RSVP TiaMarie Harrison

tiamaries@msn.com or in comments below.


Thanks for that Mike.

It looks like I will miss this by three days, not leaving Saigon here until the 5 or 6th and my prebought ticket stateside is the 10th (for Mom and Dad's Funeral.)


Miles, any links to articles or obits would be appreciated. The search engine here in Uncle Ho's Worker's Paradise aren't helping me find much. current information.

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Sounds like he high sided when he tried to get back in his lane.  I sold my motorcycle in 2014 after 30 years riding motorcycles on public roads.  I don't miss it and I have a sense of concern for everyone in my circle of family and friends who do.  If it's not the distracted idiots, it's avoiding road debris, animals, or being caught by Darwin while being human.  All that said, It sounds very much like john died doing what he enjoyed doing, and that is all that most of us would hope for. 

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For the guys who know him better:  What would you think of memorializing johnc with an annual scholarship for the cost of ZCON track day tuition, starting in 2017?  It could be called "The Hybridz John Coffey Memorial ZCON Scholarship."  I could be in charge of collecting the money and starting a thread each year to take nominations and votes.

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I haven't been on HBZ for a couple months, log in and what shows up in new posts?


RIP JohnC. One of the HBZ regulars I always had time to peruse the tech posts of.


It's a bit late this few weeks later, but my condolences to the family.

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Like Kiwi above I haven't been visiting HBZ as much as I used to. Johns influence spread globally. He helped me with parts I couldn't get here sometime just for a bottle or two of wine! Must have been a major pain in the arse but he did it anyway.


We Will Miss Him!


Mon Ami Mate 

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aux told me. John's screen name and avatar was always a signal to stop scrolling and pay attention, because I was going to learn something. Rest in peace, sir.


Yeah, he was the Dr. Jekyll to Tony D's Mr. Hyde.  I learned a lot by paying attention to his posts.  RIP

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