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Fender flares - What do people recommend?


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I'm looking to put fender flares on my z and want to see what everyones recommendations are.  I tried researching and get the idea that Motorsport Autos are best, but I'm curious about the ones on ebay.  Has anyone bought a set from ebay?  What seller and how did they fit?  I'm not tremendously picky about fitment because I doubt I'll be able to get this car "show quality", but if it's a huge pain in the ass, then Id spend the extra money and get the Motorsport ones.  Id just rather get things from ebay if I can because I have several gift cards and discounts I can use.  Thanks for any info.


This may be for another search or thread, but is the recommendation 15X8 wheels with the flares?  or would you still need a spacer to fill them out with those wheels?  I'm far from ready to do anything with my z (still on the rotisserie repairing rust), but I'm stock piling parts slowly.  Thanks again!

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Marugen Shoukai (Skokai? I forget) are the best. The MSA flares are a copy of a copy of a copy, etc. and from what I hear, aren't that great. I wouldn't even consider eBay flares.


You can get them from rhdjapan - here's a link I had on hand http://www.rhdjapan.com/marugen-shoukai-wide-over-fenders-zg-wide-type-nissan-s30-s31-68595


I don't think I've ever seen someone recommend 15x8 wheels for use with flares. You can get those under stock fenders if you know what you're doing. I think I'd look at 9 to 9.5" wide to start with.


Wheel fitment questions have been discussed many times here, so I'd advise you to use the search function.

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Ok, thanks for the link.  Looks to be about $300 shipped for them which isn't terrible if they're that much better.  What makes the MSA ones bad?  is it fitment, or the finish?  I assume ebay ones are all universal, but was wondering if anyone had any luck with any certain ones. 


I'll admit, i haven't done much research on the wheel size/fitment, but a couple of the flare posts i read through I thought i picked up on the 8 wide wheel recommendation, possibly with a spacer.  I'll do some more research on that.    

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OK wait, who has had bad experiences with these : http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02c/50-1562


I'd also like to know what makes the other ones better.

The Z store = MSA.  No Beuno.


I've also seen bad things about the JPN Garage flares. JPN, MSA, etc are all very thin and don't hug the body lines the way nicer flares do...


The only ones with consistently positive reviews have been from  

Classic Datsun - http://classicdatsun.com/new/240_glass.html


And the MS ones that rturbo posted; those seem to be by far and away the most unanimously praised set.

Check out this instagram account, he just finished his car with some MS flares: https://www.instagram.com/kevinnault/


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Call me crazy but I've been thinking about a pair of these SSworxs flares. The fiberglass/carbon flares are really nice but I think they look kind of Band-Aided on sometimes with the rivets and things, personal preference. I like the flared look don't get me wrong, not quite sure yet if I want to go full body kit either, but if I'm going to be doing rust repair and everything else why not weld some on and sling a little lead?



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Thanks for the replies.  I think I'd go with the MS ones from the sounds of it but the classicdatsun ones are about $100 less but no one has chimed in that has actually used them before.  


I know the 15x8 won't fill the flares, so I assume Id need at least an inch spacer to make it look right.  I'm more into the style of the flares and not necessarily their function, so I'm not after crazy wide wheels.  Anything wider than 8 seems to be hard/expensive to find.  

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Unless things have changed here recently - MSA and Classic Datsun get there flares from the same vendor and they copies of bad copies. A couple of years ago I actually talked to the vendor who ADMITTED that they molds are old and need replaced, " but I still sell a bunch of them "

I returned my set to Classic .

Save yourself the pain - order the Marugens

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Those pictures are hilarious Ereschkigal. I knew they were off, but wow.


I've also seen a car with 15x7 and flares. He was running 2 inch spacers, looks really bad from the back. If you are getting flares because you want the extra track width, then go with what ever is cheapest and make it fit, if you want a really nice finish without having to dick around I would say to run MS.


I saw a guy running MSA flares, and you could visibly see through the gap between the body and the flare. Said he couldn't risk bending it more without cracking, so had to put washers between so he could tighten them down without putting tension on them.

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The $300 or so for the marugen shoukai flares is not that expensive when you consider it is a long term/permanent item you will be modifying your car for. Why put any other on? All the stateside stuff is like said above, copy of copy of copy in which is pumped out for low buck mass production to profit imo. Where as any part from Japan generally is a direct copy but the quality control behind it is alot more accurate. 


A buddy suggested the marugen flares for mine, couldnt be happier





There are soo many bad fitting flares out there, that once you see it, its hard to unsee lol


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Don't know what tires you want to run, but I'd suggest 225mm. Lots of the performance tires in a 225 fit correctly on a 15x9. They're wider than advertised, and they'll fill the flare better, and they won't be stretched (stretched = poopy). 

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There are ZG wide from JPNGarage. There decent but not perfect. Body guy installed a set of Marugen Shoukai (sp?) and stated that mine we just as good. I bought the JPN ones this january from the new years sale. Jpn has poor communications but they did eventually get back to me. Both require welting





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Marugen Shokai on mine I had some MSA ZG flares once...awful in so many ways.






As you can see from pre-paint, they follow the body contours well - wheel sizes are 16x9 and 16x9.5 Watanabes running 225/50/16 and 245/50/16





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