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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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Heres mine.. nothing special but gets the job done. XXR 513 16x8 0 offset with 225/50/16.



yes it would but i have no problem with fitting 225 50 16 on there right now. no rubbing at all.

Looks good :) Have you lowered the car, or is it stock height?

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these are okay. they haven't earned the nostalgic badge yet though. but props for you though. plus, to me, they aren't as beautiful as the original Z. the 370 on the other hand, looks much more beautiful.


something else :P


Nismo LMGT4 19"








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2"? I think more like 4". Fitment is supposed to be like this:




That is my08 MX-5 with 17x9 +45 with 245/40R17, front fenders are completely filled, rear could fit another 1.5 inches if I try really hard.

No I believe this is proper fitment. Will have pictures of my z up soon.But for now this is my Miata.


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I am not knocking the cars, but why are Miata's being posted on HybridZ? I get when someone posts a Nissan or Datsun of any kind, like a 510 or a skyline, but what do Miata's have anything to do with? If it was a Miata wheel on a Z that would make sense...

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