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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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I spent a considerable amount of time being on the team that designed and installed all the natural gas pipelines in Innisfil back in 1996 for Consumers Gas now Enbridge. I worked there for 12 months straight and lived in Richmond Hill. I enjoyed Innisfil alot. At the time I was madly in love with a beautiful woman from Barrie.



P.S: Small world!


I'll go find her for you!

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Small world indeed...it's a beautiful place in the summer with the lake right at your doorstep. You should see it now with all the building and commercial plazas going in. It's crazy.


I grew up in Halliburton and went to School at Georgian College. I also spent 6 months working as a diver building docks on Lake Simcoe - very windy lake, used to smash much of our work. I know those trees and I wish we had them out here instead of cottonwoods - my family produces maple syrup near Minden.



It's good to see people with Zs out east for there aren't many that way due to the rust. That goes for anyone with a Z on the east coast - hat's off to you for keeping the cars alive, the rust is bad enough out on the west coast...


Anyway just to keep on track here's my wheels - hopefully they will be on my completed car by Christmas.




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Heres a new updated look of my car. Gunmetal gray Drag DR31 17x9 all around. +17 mm offset rear and +38 mm front with a 7 mm spacer on the fronts only. I should have gotten the +28mm for the fronts, that way I wouldn't need the spacers:(. One more bit of info, I have the Z31 5 lug hub conversion with "Design products racing" disc/hats. It's a VERY tight fit! Coilover's all around with 1/8 inch clearance all around! I even had to "clearance" my muffler for them to fit!


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Yes, there was some issue with the fronts clearing the valance when turning. See pics below of the temporary fix. I am planning on getting a new fiberglass or rubber lower valance anyway, so I didn't mind "massaging" the existing one a bit to get the tires in there. I also had to cut the metal where the fender bolts to the lower valance. It is not cut yet in the bottom pic, but you can see why it needed it.









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