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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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Quik question . Anyone know what color the 17" rota rb-r comes in? I've sent few emails but never got an answer. Solid colors or always the polished lip?


I'm pretty sure it was listed in at least 2 different threads here before. Also listed on the Rota Wheel site.


These 2 links will give you the available colors. You can also get custom colors from any wheel shop. :mrgreen:




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I saw a few posts back you guys were talking about this car..

This is the car that has given me the inspiration to want a z.

The coils are off a integra DC2. Function forms.

And yes people really do daily drive that low. I would know..



that car looks cool and all but but its been lowered past the point of function into pure fashion :icon13: all show, no go.

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