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  1. jhm

    How to remove black oil spot from the seat!!??

    Actually, Brakekleen is used very commonly to clean bad stains on the interior. I've personally used it on carpets and door panels many times without any problem. For a seat, you obviously wouldn't blast it so much that it soaks through to the foam....you use it on a rag and blot it, like you would with any cleaning product. Good luck with it.
  2. jhm

    How to remove black oil spot from the seat!!??

    Brakekleen works well for those kinds of spills and stains.
  3. Sounds like a 15" or 16" wheel might be the best all-round solution; in either and 8" or 9" width. There's a decent selection of tires in those sizes (more in 16 than 15) for cheaper prices than you'll find for larger diameter wheels. If you're wanting new wheels at budget prices, check out XXR (or even Rota). Otherwise, keep an eye on the used ads for used wheels. Old Toyotas have the same lug size as S30's, so watch the 4AG forums, as well as Datsun forums..
  4. Jon stole the words right out of my mouth....the molded-in headlight covers are really nice. Kudos for bringing an old classic back to life.
  5. Your questions regarding wheel and tire size really need to be prefaced with your intended application. Racing? What style of racing? A setup that works well for auto-x may be terrible on a road course. Off the top of my head, most people will probably steer you to a 16" wheel; but that may or may not be the best setup for your particular needs. And like in all aspects of life, your budget will likely be the biggest constraint, so you'll need to decide how much you plan to spend. Websites like TireRack.com are a good tool for determining what size and quality of tires are available.
  6. I guess the obvious question is do you have 12v and good ground at the bulb socket? If yes, the bulb is probably bad. If no, need to troubleshoot that circuit. If you haven't already done so, removing the heater controls center panel makes it easier to work behind the tach.
  7. jhm

    Where this tube belongs?

    See figures AC-61 and AC-64 in the attached. AC.pdf
  8. There's actually a wide range of sizes/widths for "ZG wide flares", depending on the specific manufacturer. Which specific flares are you considering? You will also need to specify tire brand and size that you are considering, as well. That makes a huge difference in fitment. Have you had a chance to review this thread yet?
  9. SOLD. Thread can be deleted, if so desired.
  10. One pair of 1.5" wheel adapter/spacers in very nice condition. Lugs are 4x114.3 spacing with 12x1.25mm threads. Includes 8 lug nuts for installation. $35 shipped anywhere in the U.S. Thanks for looking.
  11. jhm

    Tokico Shocks

    Yes, it sounds like that one is definitely gone if it compresses and stays compressed. From what I've seen, Tokicos produced in the last couple of years have been hit or miss quality. Bilsteins are a good affordable alternative if you don't feel like springing for Konis.
  12. jhm

    Orange Airbox -- SOLD

    Sold. Thx to all who expressed an interest.
  13. jhm

    OEM Heater Blower Assembly - SOLD

    Heater is sold. Thanks all.
  14. jhm

    Differential options

    Wow, great info! Sticky-worthy?
  15. That is correct. Don't know what year your car is, but it can be rewired if you so desire. Do you want the turn signals to operate when the ignition is not on?