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  1. Original S30 rubber steering coupler for sale, including mounting hardware as pictured. Pulled from a 1973 260Z. Rubber is still flexible and pliable and in very good condition, as is the hardware. $50 shipped anywhere in the US. Thx for looking.
  2. I've got one; may have the clips as well. I'll take a look when I get home later today and send you pictures, if that's ok.
  3. Heater blower assembly from 1973 260Z. In good physical condition, no damage or rust, fan spins freely, defroster flap operates smoothly and securely, bellows still soft and pliable. Blower works, but doesn't seem to be pushing air at full force like it should. May be compatible with other years if you have similar plug configuration. Includes the connecting "mini-harness" and cable for defroster flap as depicted. $15 Multiple heating and ventilation bits and pieces. All in good usable shape, moving parts function smoothly. $5 each, or $45 for the lot. Prices do not include shipping. Thanks for looking.
  4. Orange Airbox

    Sorry, but thanks for looking.
  5. Can not leave Member Feedback

    Curious if anyone else has had this problem?
  6. One thing that caught my eye is the angle of your front control arms...they're already past level, which you normally only see in lowered cars. This is detrimental, if you desire negative camber in your suspension geometry, and the usual fixes include relocating the control arm mounting point and/or bump steer spacers. I didn't see anything about what size wheels and tires you're running. Did you already provide that info? My apologies if you did and I missed it.
  7. Orange Airbox

    Very nice original orange airbox, pulled from non-running early-model 260Z (prod. 11/73). May be compatible with other carbureted years as well. Very minimal surface rust. All fittings in great condition. Rubber still pliable and functional. Includes the two long wing-nut bolts for installation, as shown in pictures. $60 plus shipping. Thx for looking.
  8. 1973 260Z Driveshaft

    Nice original driveshaft, pulled from a non-running early-model 260Z (prod. 11/73) with 4-speed transmission and R180 w/ curved mustache bar. Should fit other years with that drivetrain configuration, but can't guarantee that. U-joints still seem tight; no slop. Shaft and splines clean and undamaged. $80 plus shipping. Thx for looking.
  9. Seat swap list for s30's

    Nice -- thx! Bonus that they're an easy install/adaptation.
  10. Alternator question

    Sorry, don't know about a 1997 Bonneville specifically; but I can suggest that it's never a good idea to disconnect the battery from a running vehicle. The battery and alternator work as a system to provide stable voltage and amperage to the vehicle's electrical system, and removing the battery can easily disrupt the system's stability, resulting in damage to the electrical system (particularly, the vehicle's more delicate electronics). I don't mean to sound preachy, but this forum is designed for the discussion of Datsun/Nissan Z cars, although I'm sure someone would speak up if they had specific knowledge useful to you...everyone here is a very helpful bunch. I'm just suggesting that you might find more expertise and experience for your specific issue on a Pontiac or GM forum? A quick google search yielded these top two results: www.pontiacbonnevilleclub.com/forum, and https://pontiacforum.com/pontiac. Good luck with it.
  11. Seat swap list for s30's

    Very nice on the 350Z seats....curious how much they weigh? They look fairly lightweight, but with nice side bolsters and bracing.
  12. One pair of front turn signals, pulled from a late-model 260Z (prod. 9/74). Both signals are fully functional -- the lenses and plugs are in good condition, but one of the mounting tabs on the right signal is broken. Sale includes the plastic bezel trim pieces that surround the turn signal; these are in ok condition, but one piece has a crack in it. Three side marker lights: two front (amber) and one rear (red). All three fully functional, with good rubber, metal base, and metal trim rings. The red light is in good original condition; but the two amber lenses have broken tabs at the screw holes. Also, the plug connectors on these two were replaced with generic bullet connectors. I have included pictures of all the damaged/affected areas. Not very pretty; but all completely usable and functional. $35 for everything shipped anywhere in the US.
  13. 1973 240Z OEM Front Bumper Mounts

    SOLD. Thx, mxs666 and HybridZ. Thread can be closed.
  14. Trying to leave Feedback for members, and the "Security Check" keeps blocking me....telling me that I'm not passing the security check. I'm filling in all the required information blocks, but can not figure out what I'm doing wrong. Tried searching the site to see if this had been addressed previously, and did not see any discussions on this specific topic. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.