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  1. I am still making the harness's. Although, I will be gone from MAY 1s to JULY 1st . The two current setups I have will be definitely done before then. I dont know if we can squeeze before then or not PM me when you are ready.
  2. Finally a complete drop in plug and play High Quality Custom Megasquirt 1 , 2 or 3 harness with fuse and relay box. We take out the hard part all you have to do is pass it through firewall, connect the plugs, and 3 wires (12 v battery , 12 v switched and ground! ) Every install gets instructions and detailed pics sent to email or here on hbz.Megasquirt is a standalone fuel and ignition system that is robust, affordable and most importantly tunable! Get rid of those 30+yr old harness, broken efi plugs and that silly AFM ! Be able to tune, get better gas mileage , better driveability and most importantly POWER. Harness's are custom made for each individual setup and will take 1-2 weeks to complete. It includes all new plugs, fuses, relays , wires , loom and components. The harness is designed for ms2 compatible Nissan 280zx turbo 82 83 distributor OR 300zx/maxima/pathfinder Distributor I am also an authorized Megasquirt Dealer I could get any other system or product! HARNESS $ 750 Megasquirt 1, 2 or 3 L series drop in harness Harness + Relay/Fuse box will be $750 will include: - 6x EV1 sealed injectors plugs quick disconnect - 1x GM coolant temp sensor with amp sealed plug - 1x GM air temp sensor with amp sealed plug - 1x ms2 friendly Throttle Position sensor with sealed plug - 1x ms2 friendly Crank Angle Sensor with plug OR l28et distributor input ( you supply plug ) - Fuse Relay box: Labelled with fuses for fuel pump, coil, ecu, 2x injectors banks. With 2 spare connections for wideband / boost controller. - 16 ft power to fuel pump - Main Power to battery with fuse connectors, 8ft ground for relays, 8ft switched power for relays. (crimped and soldered) Harness is made from AMP METAL DB37 clamshell connector - You choose ECU placement or Fuse/Relay Box some people like fusebox next to battery and ECU inside passenger firewall. Or both near each other - All connection are crimped and soldered for optimum connection and longevity. - GXL wiring (heat and oil resistant) - Up to 12ft length at no extra charge - labelled every 3 inches - relay/fusebox can handle 6 relays and 6 fuses (typical install uses 2 relays which leaves you with 4 additional for headlight upgrade, fan etc. and 4 fuses and leaves you 2 spare) - fuse/relay box is detachable from harness that way you can pass it through on either end. - extra FIDLE, IAC 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B outputs included Additionally I can also setup a MS2 ECU to make this a complete turn key system! MS2 ecu $ 467 config $ 200 hardware+software configured (includes basetune which $100 goes to ChickenMan for his efforts) at the moment 260cc injectors /440cc/480cc also we will cover NA tunes. extras options available Wideband input,Fan control, Methanol Control, 4 cylinder harness, 8 cylinder harness, trigger wheels for CAS ecu panel mount custom length wires. Mega squirt hardware assembly. PM for extra options and more info. Iam also a authorized re seller of all Megasquirt products, 14point7 wideband/data logging systems and HDI boost controllers/intercoolers/gauges/clamps. If you need more info please look at this old thread or PM me .
  3. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Some wheels need re-torquing I find.
  4. I didnt want to put 3 -5 ads for random parts so there is some parts from different cars I dont have pics of everything but ask me and you shall receive. I may have lots of other parts please message. All prices are OBO and dont include shipping. 1988 300zx TURBO $ 120 Front spindles complete with shocks and springs - minus hubs $ axles with bolts (one boot ripped I do have a new replacement boot ) $ 300 r200 Finned Diff cover no broken fins $ 120 Companian flanges with stubaxles $ 50 Rear calipers $ 80 Front calipers $ 260 ECU- Maf - uncut EFI harness $ 50 Rear burgandy leather seats bottom + top local pick up 300zx vg30det 98,000 km Engine complete with manifolds, turbo, injectors with Accessories BO 280zx TURBO $ MSA turbo downpipe for s30 l28et swap $ BO local pickup Complete l28et out of a 83 280zx turbo from valve cover to oil pan, turbo , intakemanifold with injectors etc turbo manifold, downpipe, AC < alternator , AC and starter. Engine doesnt turn freely its been sitting for a while I havent tried putting diesel / oil to let it soak However I also have a complete long block from l28et turns freely. Block, crank, pistons, rods, front timing cover, oil pump, dizzy shaft, oil pan and sump included. 240z $ 160 late Middle console with fusebox cover very clean from what I can remember $ 80-140 2 sets 1 has cracked lenses i started to refurbish the housing and painted plastic specific paint. arctic white ( may have harness too ) $ 30 tach $ 30 speedo $ 40 middle console inspection fuse box lid (not fusebox lid) $ 90 fan blower $ 120 heater core 280z $ 80 middle console $460 ACT 6 puck extreme non sprung clutch , pressure plate with Fidanza aluminum flywheel. The flywheel has less than 100 km Clutch has lots of life ! recommended to surface all mating parts and balance for best grip. $450 R200 long nose VLSD oddball differential dont know what its from exactly selling for a friend. IT could just need 240sx/j30 stubs to make hybrid axle But no time. Made a post about it here. $ 40-80 several driveshafts
  5. Wastegate upsizing

    I dont see your pm history and he never mentioned what type.of boost controller he had. Agreed the gate inlet /outlet is most likely the cause. I could of hooked it up with HDI EBC ! I have no issues with creep
  6. Wastegate upsizing

    @seattlejester I think we overlooked somthing I dont think your gate is too small I am starting to think your not plumbed right. Your not getting surge or other issues your building too much boost. From the precision manual How is your EBC/MBC plumbled? whats odd is my 38mm tial I have a bleeder type and I am only using one banjo vacuum source. ( ill have to look again but im pretty sure only one is connected) Set it to A method according to lower illustration and see if it hold spring method regardless of gear.
  7. Wastegate upsizing

    I had no problems at all with surge, creep or maintaining boost. My current setup is not remote its like 7-9" away. I made 430ft/tq at 22 psi with a bone stock head with old wastegate design too and wastegate was actually a tighter angle and further away from manifold. Elephant trunk you mean by the rad flex no not at all except the rubber couplers! They were cheap no ply re-inforcements> I had to run that because my Radiator outlet different size than my thermostat housing. Its a chevy or ford v8 radiator before everyone was making s30 rads for cheap. Iam running the flex on my burgandy 240z now grey and the black on is the stroker.
  8. Wastegate upsizing

    Sorry for multiple post but here is another idea would solve both wastegate location and dump pipe length. Depending if you go A or B Get this or 2x for bends and length https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wastegate-Dump-Tube-For-Tial-38MM-35MM-Pipe-Actuator-Turbo-Racing-Exhaust-dump/122003842169?hash=item1c67fee479:g:GJIAAOSweIlZaF-a&vxp=mtr you can do two things with it. A. cap your old wastegate hole, Make new hole underneath manifold at collecter at 45 angle, weld straight tube leaving the flanged end for your wastegate, your second pipe could be used for your dump either merge or dump. I know it cast a friend of mine welded my l28et manifold just needs lots of pre heat / after heat for welding so it wont crack! B use the pipe to bolt on to manifold, you may need to make some pie cuts or section it to make it the wastegate go underneath manifold and make new dump with your old flanges and piping. Attached are my old wastegate/downpipe setup. Notice the tight angle and location of wastegate inlet from cylinders 3/4 I had no boost issues at all ! with a gt35r/38mm tial and stroker motor. The only reason I changed it completely is the flange was touching my new intake manifold. The new setup is like how I suggested A go.
  9. Wastegate upsizing

    If you dont want to spend the money with the flex tube I would go straight ahead and modify that dump , Make a tighter radius fit it between manifold and downpipe and have it merge into downpipe with flex or dump it to atmosphere. Even if it doesnt solve your issue its still more * optimal * have to worry about thermal expansion cracking/distorting your exhaust setup edit also if you need more room what about a spacer at turbo a halft inch just at turbo would do wonders down stream. attached is how I would do it.
  10. Wastegate upsizing

    Yes cut off , cap it (* you dont have to weld it maybe some thin sheet metal clamped down with some tbolt clamps just to test the theory . The reason I suggest this maybe so you dont spend more on a complete redesign of manifold, wastegate, and downpipe. I have seen many adapters that do the wastegate's off at 90 some people do have issues with compressor surge and boost problems but not every setup is the same. Also at the same time lots of people do run it with no issues. I didnt know till last summer street racing a 700hp DSM he had a flex dump. I dont think the quality is the best to be honest. However, I suggested this to troubleshoot and quickly see if the issue is your dump being to short * which I think it is * . OR if the issue is the wastegate angle which probably could be combination of both. . How flexible it is I dont know. But I do have a similar stainless steel flex tub for my radiator piping and you can make a decent tight radius but Yours looks super tight.
  11. TIG welder recommendation

    @seattlejester did you end up buying a welder? if so did you consider the multi use ones they can tig / mic and arc https://www.harborfreight.com/OmniPro-220-Multiprocess-Welder-with-120240-Volt-Input-63621.html We have Princess auto here and I was wondering the same about a similair unit these multi purpose welders. The one here is from pro point ( the higher end princess auto brand from what Ive seen) it was on sale the other day for 899cad which is about 700usd. https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/180-multi-process-mig-arc-tig-welder/A-p8611311e now its $1349
  12. Wastegate upsizing

    Before moving the wastegate entirely or rerouting the dump longer try buying those flexible dump pipes and essentially a screamer pipe. https://www.ebay.com/itm/35mm-38mm-Wastegate-Flex-SS-Dump-Pipe-Kit-Stainless-Steel-weld-flange-Gaskets/173209341778?hash=item285414cf52:g:zp4AAOxy4YdTTWPX&vxp=mtr Your piping looks too short right off the bat I am suprised with this treadstone design honestly its off center and the angle is not optimal. If you do eventually do re route your dump further into downpipe with non flexible joints you should put atleast a flex joint / expansion joint. https://www.ebay.com/itm/38mm-1-5-OD-Wastegate-Stainless-Steel-Flex-Exhaust-Pipe-Dump-Cutout-Valve-4/173204765939?hash=item2853cefcf3:g:bm8AAOSw~gRVxMzY&vxp=mtr Remember your manifold / turbo and downpipe depending on location or material will shrink and or expand all differently.
  13. @sweetleaf I do have have a oil pump shaft and dizzy however I use the distributor for my megasquirt harness's (bench testing). Distributos are still available through Cardone. @LLavecan't remove this tag?!
  14. Exposed's 1jz Build

    No worries man not needed just wondering about them they look so good! Definitely my favorite wheel of all time.
  15. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Those wheel are timeless ! what size are they and if you dont mind me asking.
  16. Z Car Depot Fast EFI

    Exactly what Madkaw said sell your carbs and go with megasquirt no point in doing a tunable EFI system if its fuel only and the cost is way less to go MS depending on what you have , and what you plan on running.
  17. Z Car Depot Fast EFI

    That does fuel only correct? So you want to keep the carbs and add injectors? sounds like allot of money for a bandaid fix. I would try to figure out your issue first.
  18. Very neat! keep us posted with progress
  19. Replaced all gaskets, polished/painted and setup is currently back in the car. Iam considering selling the car complete or setup complete at the moment.
  20. FULL SETUP engine, ecu, z32 tranmission, garret gt3576 turbo etc.. NEW PRICE 5800 or im throwing it back it with extreme head engine f54 magnufluxed block, v07 diesel crank, block bored over for87 mm JE forged pistons, 240z rods, ARP rod/main/head hardware. HKS 2mm headgasket and high volume oil pump. Head fully stock p90 solid lifter, 2 of the cam lobe bolts (not head bolts ) were over torqued so they need to be Helicoiled. Have new oem oil pan, valve cover, and intake manifold gaskets included. transmission z32 with machined bell housing, custom HD driveshaft, mount , mazworx adaptor. ACT pressure plate with custom built clutch disc to handle 500+ ft/tq, new striking rod with fidanza short throw shifter, truck motor mechanical speedo sender. ( will work with analogue gauge) turbo/ Garrett gt3576r ball bearing turbo, tial 38 mm wastegate welded to turbo manifold dumping to a custom 3" stainless downpipe. intake manifold is stock shaved all and polished, deka 550 cc low z inj 240sx throttle body and custom fuel rail. SDS standalone ecu fuel and ignition. Wasted spark, hall sensor mounted and magnets on crank pulley tuned for this motor. This is a turn key 400 hp monster with room to grow the head is untouched! it ran a best time of 11.9 and still safely tuned for longevity purposes. I am not interested in parting it off at the moment. I am asking $5800 if you were to build this today it would easily cost double that and some. the turbo, stroker crank and forged pistons is about 4gs just 3 parts Local pickup in Ottawa is welcome I could ship anywhere in Canada through \VIA tran I could check cost for you its surprisingly decent I will also check if they ship to the US I could grab some more shots or videos of it running. I just painted the block factory blue just for laughs since it was dirty when I pulled it out. I also have a custom intake manifold senza pari ( dont worry it fits ) this was not with the original runner I supplied the intake flanges with velocity stacks plenum flange. Its not included however we can discuss, its got a 70 mm throttle body already attached. Still new unused I was planning to put on if I keep it and doing some head work to throw down some new sick numbers.
  21. Being currently built by Industry Garage. Lots of Carbon Fiber work.
  22. I meant black white according to ms2 diagram is the sensor ground for TPS, CLT, and iat. Regardless if they a.connect internally all ms ground must be connect to a good engine ground and in one lug. Take a pic of your ecu and attach.
  23. $94 HDI EBC-R ( Single) $114 HDI EBC-SE ( Dual ) Prices include shipping with tracking and insurance to Canada and USA Optional $+25 for boost gauge - mechanical 52mm standard PM me for Electric dual reading BAR and PSI boost gauge Nigel here on hybridz made an excellent review/write-up for these controllers please check it out here. http://forums.hybridz.org/…/83320-a-cheap-ebc-that-works-a…/that was in 2009 When I personally went with one on my 240z turbo *( way before I was a dealer for them ) SINGLE EBC and Solenoid - High quality MAC (made in USA solenoid) 100 psi pressure balanced - Electronic boost control (in cabin adjustment) - Overboost function - Full time closed loop boost regulation - Fast targe Boost locking ( no boost spikes ) - Minimize turbo spooling time - High quality rigid aluminum casing glass front panel Whats included Mac solenoid and bracket Electronic boost controller vacuum line/ T fittings / Extra barb connections all necessary wiring and installation instructions DUAL EBC and Solenoid - High quality MAC (made in USA solenoid) 100 psi pressure balanced - Electronic dual boost control HIGH AND LOW (in cabin adjustment) - Overboost function - Full time closed loop boost regulation - Fast targe Boost locking ( no boost spikes ) - Minimize turbo spooling time - Works on internal and external wastegates - High quality front panel Whats included Mac solenoid and bracket Electronic boost controller vacuum line/ T fittings / Extra barb connections all necessary wiring and installation instructions There are also many products from the HDI line like Vband intercooler clamps from 2"-4", Intercooler kits, digital gauges etc. I still sell Megasquirt PNP kits , 14point7 Wideband Controllers and much more you can visit my eBay Store ECU Connect to get an idea of some of the products I currently sell ofcourse PM me for other. I personally run all these products on my 240z Turbo ie MS2 , 14point7 and HDI EBC with grinning results.
  24. You never mentioned the distributor your running maybe I missed. Concerning the ground factory zxt diZZY BLACK connect at end of plug to shield so it's all the same. And diZZY IS GROUNDED TO ENGINE. Ms2 pin 2 is shield however If you look at schematic of ms2 circuit board they all ground to same plane. Pins 1 2 7 15-19 so ye lots of debate on grounds. Even the black white sensor ground! The important part is it grounded and shielded. https://www.diyautotune.com/support/tech/other/grounds/ Also you linked the DIY article and you had the board setup for but not using the high current driver? Which IGN module are you running and what's your ms ignition settings?