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  1. Finally a complete drop in plug and play High Quality Custom Megasquirt 1 , 2 or 3 harness with fuse and relay box. We take out the hard part all you have to do is pass it through firewall, connect the plugs, and 3 wires (12 v battery , 12 v switched and ground! ) Every install gets instructions and detailed pics sent to email or here on hbz.Megasquirt is a standalone fuel and ignition system that is robust, affordable and most importantly tunable! Get rid of those 30+yr old harness, broken efi plugs and that silly AFM ! Be able to tune, get better gas mileage , better driveability and most importantly POWER. Harness's are custom made for each individual setup and will take 1-2 weeks to complete. It includes all new plugs, fuses, relays , wires , loom and components. The harness is designed for ms2 compatible Nissan 280zx turbo 82 83 distributor OR 300zx/maxima/pathfinder Distributor I am also an authorized Megasquirt Dealer I could get any other system or product! HARNESS $ 750 Megasquirt 1, 2 or 3 L series drop in harness Harness + Relay/Fuse box will be $750 will include: - 6x EV1 sealed injectors plugs quick disconnect - 1x GM coolant temp sensor with amp sealed plug - 1x GM air temp sensor with amp sealed plug - 1x ms2 friendly Throttle Position sensor with sealed plug - 1x ms2 friendly Crank Angle Sensor with plug OR l28et distributor input ( you supply plug ) - Fuse Relay box: Labelled with fuses for fuel pump, coil, ecu, 2x injectors banks. With 2 spare connections for wideband / boost controller. - 16 ft power to fuel pump - Main Power to battery with fuse connectors, 8ft ground for relays, 8ft switched power for relays. (crimped and soldered) Harness is made from AMP METAL DB37 clamshell connector - You choose ECU placement or Fuse/Relay Box some people like fusebox next to battery and ECU inside passenger firewall. Or both near each other - All connection are crimped and soldered for optimum connection and longevity. - GXL wiring (heat and oil resistant) - Up to 12ft length at no extra charge - labelled every 3 inches - relay/fusebox can handle 6 relays and 6 fuses (typical install uses 2 relays which leaves you with 4 additional for headlight upgrade, fan etc. and 4 fuses and leaves you 2 spare) - fuse/relay box is detachable from harness that way you can pass it through on either end. - extra FIDLE, IAC 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B outputs included Additionally I can also setup a MS2 ECU to make this a complete turn key system! MS2 ecu $ 467 config $ 200 hardware+software configured (includes basetune which $100 goes to ChickenMan for his efforts) at the moment 260cc injectors /440cc/480cc also we will cover NA tunes. extras options available Wideband input,Fan control, Methanol Control, 4 cylinder harness, 8 cylinder harness, trigger wheels for CAS ecu panel mount custom length wires. Mega squirt hardware assembly. PM for extra options and more info. Iam also a authorized re seller of all Megasquirt products, 14point7 wideband/data logging systems and HDI boost controllers/intercoolers/gauges/clamps. If you need more info please look at this old thread or PM me .
  2. softopz

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    How much power did she make?
  3. I went with a chinese gt35 on my last build I also own a genuine garrett gt35r. They have journal and BB types watch out theres some that say BB but only the compressor side I believe. They are a fraction of the price and they have gotten much better in the manufacturing side. I dont have much mileage on it but so far shes breathing 17psi no issues. Also just price difference between a name brand journal bearing and BB is the equivalent of the best chinese turbos. Many people have been running them for years, ie youtube channel boostedboiz sloppy mechanics etc etc.
  4. softopz

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Have you adjusted the VR pots per manual.
  5. softopz

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Looking at your pics again I see some potential issues. I would not put a "pull up "resistor like thats why theres a proto area. You can make things more tidy and if a connection was to break from bad joint or shock/vibration you have a short waiting to happen there. Use the proto area or atleast put it on a wire and heat shrink it. Secondly I can see some of your mods but can you can list ALL your jumpers like this VROUT TO ABCXD , s12- js9 etc etc somethings in your pics is just not adding up maybe I have been on vacation too long. But me thinks you will not get RPM or Spark out. with MS theres more than 1 way to do the same thing.
  6. softopz

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Not just random has to have power while cranking too.
  7. softopz

    Chickenman Remote Tune Service Review

    Second that his patience and skills are excellent.
  8. softopz

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Depends on what megastim you have and the switch it's set at. Sometimes they don't read better to set up harness and plug in distributor.
  9. softopz

    Ms3x install

    Have you tried to reflash firmware? Then reload your tune. You would be suprised what I have seen that fix.
  10. No I don't have a website. I just sent you a pm.
  11. I tried emailing you it for returned back. Maybe a typo. Im not doing harness's till July 1st when I return from family trip.
  12. softopz

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    You should have stopped there and figured out the issue. Maybe you have a diode backwards. Make sure all banded ends are on the side noted on board. Also certain capacitors have to be installed correctly. I would look at your board and follow the steps one by one.
  13. softopz

    78 280Z NA MS2 Triggering

    I told you as well this is all you need to do Place the JP1 jumper in the 1-2 position. Place the J1 jumper in the 5-6 position(diy method). OR 3-4 Position (msextra manual) Put a 1K resistor in the R57 slot (Or you can use a 1K pull up in the wiring, as above.). 480ohms seems to be the sweet one but any from 300-1k is enough Remove the jumper from JS10 to IGN or the center hole of Q16 (if exists) Jumper IGBTIN to JS10 OR other outputs pin 7 of ECU daughter card is recommended more adjust the pots according manual I wouldnt worry about your 10v now because your car is not running and what its the state of your battery. Your MS2 ground should be on engine your POWER grounds should be at bat - or starter. Wire in your relayboad / Harness set your timing and your good to go
  14. softopz

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    There is a step before you complete the board that test the power circuit in the assembly did you do that.
  15. softopz

    Building MS2 V3 Board

    Yes do NOT USE THE HALL INPUT anymore we really need a sticky on this and have DIYautotune update the installation article. VR should be used for practically every MS input. ONLY hall/opto should be used for fuel ONLY setups running coil NEG for trigger input. \ adjust your pots and measure top of R54 2.2-2.5v is good its all in the msextra manual here http://www.msextra.com/doc/pdf/MS2V30_Hardware-3.4.pdf Also if your building your 3.0 board also use the MS extra pdf has the build up info with newer methods for building a board even though Megamanual works. IE c30 13) As long as you’re NOT using the coil –ve as the trigger input (Fuel only) find C30 and instead install it in H1/Boot (This adds smoothing to the battery voltage measurement and reduces the chance of noise getting injected into the CPU from the 12V line.) Chickenman said it get the DIY wheel , Get a BIP and toss the HEI out. When setting up the 3.0 board do the pull up resistor inside the board instead of your wiring. This is the good thing about MS and the bad theres so many ways of doing something and what works for one person may not work (depending on the hardware they have or ECU so many variables) PLUS with new methods of doing installs the old "stickys" are still the "go to" .
  16. softopz

    240z Headliner too small

    I went to fabric shop bought some thin foam and black marine vinyl. You can take your old as a stencil and make it a bit bigger you have about half an to an ich where you can pinch it in. Mine came off my roof wasnt clean and used a weak adhesive.
  17. softopz

    current sensing tachometer

    I believe your on ms3x Sequential it would be allot of work to get A stock z Tach to work is just to switch to the MS tach output from the many spare outputs you have and to a late 280z tach it was fairly easy getting a setup I just did to get his tach to work this way. But please let us know how it goes as theres always more than one way to skin a cat.
  18. softopz

    EFI: getting the injectors to work

    Wow thats dedication. Will the end fittins be in the way of injectors 1 6 it seems cloose. You do realize empty stock of extruded fuel rail is like $8 a ft http://www.rossmachineracing.com/dash8.html
  19. softopz

    EFI: getting the injectors to work

    What I was thinking! Your working back wards, start with the EFI and go from there ! You can make decent power with a stock t3 and a NA to T l28 with a decent EFI system.
  20. I didnt want to put 3 -5 ads for random parts so there is some parts from different cars I dont have pics of everything but ask me and you shall receive. I may have lots of other parts please message. All prices are OBO and dont include shipping. 1988 300zx TURBO $ 120 Front spindles complete with shocks and springs - minus hubs $ axles with bolts (one boot ripped I do have a new replacement boot ) $ 300 r200 Finned Diff cover no broken fins $ 120 Companian flanges with stubaxles $ 50 Rear calipers $ 80 Front calipers $ 260 ECU- Maf - uncut EFI harness $ 50 Rear burgandy leather seats bottom + top local pick up 300zx vg30det 98,000 km Engine complete with manifolds, turbo, injectors with Accessories BO 280zx TURBO $ MSA turbo downpipe for s30 l28et swap $ BO local pickup Complete l28et out of a 83 280zx turbo from valve cover to oil pan, turbo , intakemanifold with injectors etc turbo manifold, downpipe, AC < alternator , AC and starter. Engine doesnt turn freely its been sitting for a while I havent tried putting diesel / oil to let it soak However I also have a complete long block from l28et turns freely. Block, crank, pistons, rods, front timing cover, oil pump, dizzy shaft, oil pan and sump included. 240z $ 160 late Middle console with fusebox cover very clean from what I can remember $ 80-140 2 sets 1 has cracked lenses i started to refurbish the housing and painted plastic specific paint. arctic white ( may have harness too ) $ 30 tach $ 30 speedo $ 40 middle console inspection fuse box lid (not fusebox lid) $ 90 fan blower $ 120 heater core 280z $ 80 middle console $460 ACT 6 puck extreme non sprung clutch , pressure plate with Fidanza aluminum flywheel. The flywheel has less than 100 km Clutch has lots of life ! recommended to surface all mating parts and balance for best grip. $450 R200 long nose VLSD oddball differential dont know what its from exactly selling for a friend. IT could just need 240sx/j30 stubs to make hybrid axle But no time. Made a post about it here. $ 40-80 several driveshafts
  21. Exceptional work as always. Derek your getting famous.... the other day someone tells me to swap more like slap a K series head he said its been done!
  22. I am still making the harness's. Although, I will be gone from MAY 1s to JULY 1st . The two current setups I have will be definitely done before then. I dont know if we can squeeze before then or not PM me when you are ready.
  23. softopz

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    Some wheels need re-torquing I find.
  24. softopz

    Wastegate upsizing

    I dont see your pm history and he never mentioned what type.of boost controller he had. Agreed the gate inlet /outlet is most likely the cause. I could of hooked it up with HDI EBC ! I have no issues with creep