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In Topic: Twin cam head for the L6 from Derek at Datsunworks

4 weeks ago

" McInnis added how “a high-strength, tool-steel core allows a larger gun drill through the camshaft, which reduces rotating mass and, with it, parasitic losses in power output.”

And people thought I was joking referring to losses from camshaft mass... To them I now say "Mnyaaaah!"

In Topic: 05L head use

4 weeks ago

My understanding from the Japanese I'd talked to is the O5L has the same coolant cores as the P90, but with smaller cores for the intake and exhaust runners, and combustion chambers. The Bare O5L weighed more than a comparably stripped P90 I have so that may be the case given what appears to be thicker than usual casting in the runner. I can't bear to cut up the P90, but I think someone has in the past, that would confirm if the old tale is true or not. It was said they take the same porting as the P90 or N42 so maybe the water jacket was a standard part of the casting, with chambers and runners changed accordingly.

Had to be something interchangeable in the cores you would think...

In Topic: DC Water Jet's 202mph Z-Car

02 April 2017 - 02:20 PM

Gary, I sent you a PM. Figure out transfer logistics.
Let's coordinate moving it sometime around 21st of this month.
Maybe I can get it out of the way earlier, I'll call someone this morning and move it after the $$$ clears your account.

In Topic: Mt Panorama, Bathurst, 24-25 Nov 16

24 March 2017 - 01:21 AM

Boss is begging off Sepang this year, and wants to go see Bathurst this year. I am not fighting this at all... I've been looking for an excuse  to see it since I was a kid.

In Topic: Help me decide engine/head combination - Turbo Application

24 March 2017 - 01:04 AM

Bad premise... F54/P90 STOCK BUILD.
Trash the turbo and get a proper one.
Have the head  ported and cammed properly.
Tune to 400HP and 7000 rpms.

Pull Gasket and head, inspect for detonation signs. Have CP pistons  cut to match combustion chamber in head...and at 7.9-8.0 to one. If they are  just dished flat tops without a combustion chamber shape sell them to somebody else, you don't want them. Buy another set with a proper mirrored image dish in the crown.

From there, tune from 7000 to redline and terminal horsepower which should easily be around 500 hp at 7.800 if using a GT35X with 8 psi of boost.

Nice ride.