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In Topic: 280z Overheating at low speeds

A week ago

Oh, and if the thermal switch is turning your fan on later than 175F, its likely too late. If you have read my prior posts on e-fan setup, the above test to determine slowest speed stable temp you get on a hot day dictates where your fan turns on so it's  not running while going down the freeway or even in city streets. It will only come on in  stop and go and come on early enough to prevent nucleate boiling from starting and becoming a problem. I set mine to turn on 10F above where my temperature  stabilized  on that 110F day, right around 175. I could see the temp rise on the stock gauge, hear the fan kick on and watch it go back to lower temperature then shut back off. Cycled nicely in stop and go, and has since 1990!

In Topic: 280z Overheating at low speeds

A week ago

I got to mention on the Engine Masters that they don't discount the slippage on the Nissan unit. The fan blades are at a governed speed. That is why they come up with a whirr and then stablize flat in pitch and noise. Unless the engine is uphill in the summer towing a load and radiator temps get hot enough to reengage the slip clutch it will not take over a given horsepower....

That said....

Do you still have the 160F thermostat in it? If you are reaching 195, where is this measured and on what kind of gauge?

What PSI is your radiator cap, and what is your glycol/water mix percentage?

In short, with a 3.36 rear  gear, in fifth gear WITH NO FAN WHATSOEVER, running 30 mph, on a 110F Palm Springs Day, your engine  should run 165-170F with a 160 thermostat. If it doesn't your  system is deficient in heat rejection or circulation.

Do NOT loop the heater core. Plug it. Do not let the external bypass line stay open in hot weather.

You  should be able to cool a stock or even hot rodded engine of 250 hp with a standard three core copper and brass radiator. The biggest thing you can to to suppress nucleate boiling is to run a higher pressure cap. 16 is a minimum, but a 24 or 30# cap will keep the steam from forming pockets and causing a runaway overheating issue.

Now, you state 'overheating' but 220 is warm...not necessarily overheated. You need to specify which thermostat you have as the temperature at the back of the head will be 15-20F higher than  what you sense at the thermostat outlet at the front of the engine. This is why the back cylinders detonate so often.

Most curious on where the temperatures are coming from...either I missed it in reading the thread, or it hasn't been mentioned. 

In Topic: Can't seem to get my 260z to redline

A week ago

Has anyone solved these issues? I've got a 240 with an l26 with SU's,new fuel lines, electronic distributor,new fuel filter, and it doesnt want to rev past 4k. When it is cold it revs even lower until it begins popping and sputtering and wont go up any further. Would love to be able to get it to at least 6k.

Read the thread and do the suggested  fixes and then post again...

In Topic: Is this site dead?

A week ago

FB is ZC.Com X1000 in terms of asshats out there with absolutely no technical acumen preaching to people.
The sad thing is the really knowledgeable people you meet from that place tend to withdraw when they see the gaggle and hoarde...
It's Social Justice Warrior time, have to tiptoe around even the most basic things as children of all ages take offense at the slightest hint of a slight.

Oh, and then there's the haters from the forums that just come on to blast someone when they've been drinking. That's always a hoot.

It's fun for what it is, but most people are referencing these  forum sites for searching and archives of knowledge, and that was exactly what the originators  envisioned. Not a popular site with banter and crap...but a place where GOOD knowledge was exchanged, and deposited so others who wanted the knowledge without the background noise would have a place to go!

And in that, it functions as designed. The references you see on  FB are "HybridZ" this, "Classic Z" that... 

If they could move the useless banter all to Zukerbergs anal probe marketing site, and keep knowledge pure and factual here...oh let me sing like Willy Wonka! 

In Topic: Spring Cleaning (Mikuni, S.U., Surge Tank, NISMO, Datsun Comp, AZC, K&N,...

3 weeks ago

Yes Tony the one on eBay was mine. I lost some money on it. Just received another in the mail.

Well I was the shill bidder that got it up to where it sold...they got it at the next increment over my snipe value.

So without me driving up the price... :P