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In Topic: DC Water Jet's 202mph Z-Car

3 weeks ago

Gary, I sent you a PM. Figure out transfer logistics.
Let's coordinate moving it sometime around 21st of this month.
Maybe I can get it out of the way earlier, I'll call someone this morning and move it after the $$$ clears your account.

In Topic: Mt Panorama, Bathurst, 24-25 Nov 16

4 weeks ago

Boss is begging off Sepang this year, and wants to go see Bathurst this year. I am not fighting this at all... I've been looking for an excuse  to see it since I was a kid.

In Topic: Help me decide engine/head combination - Turbo Application

4 weeks ago

Bad premise... F54/P90 STOCK BUILD.
Trash the turbo and get a proper one.
Have the head  ported and cammed properly.
Tune to 400HP and 7000 rpms.

Pull Gasket and head, inspect for detonation signs. Have CP pistons  cut to match combustion chamber in head...and at 7.9-8.0 to one. If they are  just dished flat tops without a combustion chamber shape sell them to somebody else, you don't want them. Buy another set with a proper mirrored image dish in the crown.

From there, tune from 7000 to redline and terminal horsepower which should easily be around 500 hp at 7.800 if using a GT35X with 8 psi of boost.

Nice ride.

In Topic: Stock or Not, What do you prefer?

16 March 2017 - 01:30 AM

Funny thing is, many people's 'stock' is faster than many others "fast"... beware what you do, quantifying performance from a bad baseline is money poorly spent.

In Topic: Question to Californians buying out of state swapped cars and registering them

07 March 2017 - 08:17 AM

Compliance is not as difficult as it sounds. The trick in most cases is having the VIN information from the swapped vehicle as a reference.
Basically take it into a referee station (your swap I'm assuming was done using two 49 state donor vehicles) and present the vin for the  donor vehicle.

The  Referee can print out the required items you must have on the vehicle to pass. While it says you have to use the fuel tank, etc...in reality it's the mechanisms for EVAP control and fuel cap that  are  listed on that print out, if the  FD has them then generally it will pass as acceptable. The Catalyst is considered a 'chassis' item,but since the  FD had one, you will need the same on the LS you install.


The testing they will do it to 49 State Standards, not CA standards. Any modifications you have such as headers will need to have a CARB EO number...have  them all on a clip board to present and make it easy for them. The easier it is for them to see it's compliant, the more  likely they will not get too picky on minute details that are only technical violations if the function  is proper (like the FD fuel tank having the right cap, similar to the LS donor...not actually needing the  LS donor tank and cap.)

Really, it sounds hard when you read it, but if you do a complete and professional swap it should pass fairly easily. With the TunerCat Studio, you can have all the performance programs filed, and the  stock burn put in at any time for a Smog Check. . .