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Jenvey Heritage ITB (Weber DCOE Clone)

12 October 2016 - 05:52 AM

This is really cool, and way overdue for the marketplace.
Most racers already ran -6 A/N individuals to Weber DCOE's from a fuel distribution log...
Cost is comparable to new Webers, and the hidden TPS Option keeps everything away from prying eyes!


Crap, thinking about this, I should likely have put this in Fuel Systems Sub Forum. Mods move if you like.

I got Robbed...

14 August 2016 - 01:57 AM

Yep, bastards broke in through the kitchen window, tore out the door casings to get entry into each bedroom, bathroom, and closet.
Once into a room, totally trashed it going through everything to grab small high value items like DSLRs and Guns which they got after extensive and noisy work entering a concealed gun locker.


On first inventory, not including the structural damage to the 7 interior doors, the loss is now a running total of $15,000 +


Must be nice to work one night and rip off someone's lifetime of saving...

They poked around The Hoard as well. Asking a bud to go and install lock boxes on the containers ASAP so they can't break into them and get the Datsun junk...

Singapore Canes Thieves. America needs to Cane Thieves similarly. Strokes applied in onsey-twosies until they heal, then another couple of whacks.... Keeps you repenting your crime a bit longer.

HybridZ Representing: Bangkok

13 May 2015 - 02:29 AM

Got a nice FRP Conversion for some Kei Pickups, nice Dodge COE, and working on an old C10 Chevy Body. Cool beans! Now to talk to the guy about custom G-Noses! LOL

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MS #3 On Its Way

16 April 2015 - 09:22 AM

First one I haven't built myself, last ones being from the B&G Group Buy #2 back in 2K2...
This time around, it's for my Suzuki Every Super Multiroof Van in The Philippines. 660CC's of Snarling Fury.

Going with a Microsquirt this time around as its always intrigued me..

Ordered earlier this evening, and notified by midnight it was shipped.

Where my Z-Project money has been going

15 April 2015 - 03:43 AM

Been spending Z-Project Money on "The Evil Near Me", and have spent more on this thing since last August than any prior car project.
Total stainless rebody widened and lengthened, power steering, sunroof, complete stainless exhaust with Copied Corvette C5 muffler redesigned off the SAE Paper on said muffler, new rubber all around...
Hope to pick up a set of full cover Bonneville Moon Discs to finish the wheels at Pomona this coming weekend. Get the booming stereo and by then it's ready to go into service making money. Roughly 15% ROI beats what I'm gonna get on my Z, or my 401K recently so why the heck not.
Shakedown cruise fully loaded to Bicol over Easter revealed that about the only thing I DIDN'T replace took a dump: pinion bearings in the differential went away 1/4 into the 8 hour round trip..but made it back. Replaced with a "speed rated" 7.33 ratio compared to the 7.63 that was in there previously. As you can see the pinion carved some artistic swirls on the carrier while making a bunch of noise. The LED Lights under the thing helped in roadside tear down and diagnosis...lol

And that's what I was doing...a typical case of "While we're in there..."

BTW, that bed area is 13' 7" from the back of the seats to the rear door, with the step bumper adding another 18" in back of that.

Why "Pub.54"? That's the IRS Booklet that showed me how to pay for it!

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