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How did you name your vehicle?


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I usually don't name my vehicles, but a few have achieved a name one way or the other. I did a search and didn't find any threads pertaining to "how did you name your car?" so I thought I'd find out. That and I'll share with you what's transpired lately.


While working on the '84 Peterbilt, doing and out of frame rebuild in the frame, (don't ask, but it happened), we discovered a stripped head bolt in the block. Of course it had to be the very back one next to the firewall. Probably been like that for awhile.


Now cummins NTC engines use an 11/16" diameter fine thread (18 pitch) head bolt that torques to 310 lb-ft, so the thread engagement is over one inch. The blind hole is some 2 inches deep. So, we decided to try helicoil but couldn't get one, then timesert, same thing. So (bingo, light comes on), since installing either would require drilling to a larger size then installing a thread repair, why not just drill and tap to 3/4". So, a trip to a junk 3406E cat motor laying in the back 40 with a rod through the block, and removing a head bolt that is 3/4" x 18 pitch and alittle longer, off we go. We drilled it, tapped it straight, drilled the head and installed the "CAT" head bolt. Since we ruined a head gasket, a new one was acquired and low and behold it was "hecho en Mexico" so the truck now has the name "El Gato" or "The Cat".


The z doesn't have a name yet and I call the Monte, just "The Monte". I had an old blue and white chevy that we called "old blue", and another green chevy 4 door that was the "Green Bomb".


So, how did your vehicle get it's name?

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Lets see:


91' sentra = Sleeper (sleeper)


86' mrs = Misty (mister two/misty)


90' Mustang = Stangy (....)


92' Jetta = Helga (german bitch i knew)


00' miata = Little Red Riding Hood (it was little, red, and it had a hood)


280zxt = Ghetto Beast (it was ghetto)


260z turbo = Whistler (it whistled)


05' Gto = BFG (Big F'ing Goat 3700lbs)

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Mine is called the "DemonZ"


I bought it on 06/06/06

The license plate is a classic 72 plate, #DWB 666

I finished building the engine on a Friday the 13th


The car spent close to 10 years in a police impound, and I found some old articles that may link it to a murder....... No hard evidence of the last, but an almost exact description of the same spots of primer that are on my car.



Fitting name? I think so.

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Mine is called the "DemonZ"...



With a story like that and tags to match I would tempted to make some sort fo wangan midnight clone...after all DWB666? The devil wears blue


maybe I'm just cheezy. or lame....assign whatever name you want...





When I first got my car 7 years ago my ex ex ex ex ex ex ex girlfriend hated it...she called it that POS, or the Vomit comet (it was a lovely shade of green back then.) the next girlfriend didnt say much about except it was just "too loud and smelly" The one after that never saw the car as it had just gone into paint jail. During that time my friends and family called it the ghost car becuase it seemed like it never really existed. the next one just heard about it as well and had to listen to me ramble on and on about "the Z" she ended up calling it "El Coche Incredible" , named after the Spanish version of "Night Rider" that she watched while she living in Spain. after that it became a distant memory for most everyone during its three years in paint jail. occasionally I refered to it as "the prisoner" and had dreams about driving it on an island while being chased by giant white balloons of death.


after its time in paint jail I called it the ex-con with a hint of fugitive...


my current partner in crime cimply calls it the "Z" while I call it the "Zed-Sled." lately though I've been toying with some sort of northern planes moniker as in "Corn-fed-Zed" or the "alcoholic" or "Lush"...not too sure on that one yet... :)

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With a story like that and tags to match I would tempted to make some sort fo wangan midnight clone...after all DWB666? The devil wears blue

To be 100% honest with you... I have the feeling I'm going to die in that car. I felt it when i found it, in a junkyard(funny huh), before i even heard of Wangan Midnight.


I have a 10 point roll cage coming, and will be getting a good seat, and damn good harness.....

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I've taken to calling mine the Phoenix.

It was pretty much a basket case when I bought it, I rebuilt most of it, still haven't finished the body work, and now I have to rebuild it again due to the accident I had during an auto-x run a few weeks ago.


It will have risen from the ashes (not literally) twice by the time I'm done.



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I usually refer to mine as "The ZZZap!", even though it's not a real zzzap edition...although in polite conversation it usually just gets called "the Z." For those that aren't aware of the origin of the zzzap! moniker, enjoy: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=112218&highlight=camo+zzzap%21

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I tend to call mine Betty, after bitching betty, a name i once heard to describe the the voice (83 zx). Sometimes i just call it bitch, even though she has all the leverage in the relationship. She still convinces me to buy her shiny expensive things without even asking.

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My ZX is the Purple People Eater, because even though it's blue it turns purple at night, and more than guy has been left in the dust after he made fun of me for driving a purple car. The Z is the Blue Devil though I didn't choose it, the car actually picked it's own name when I bought it I found a Duke shirt under the passenger seat and I used it to cover the gap between the sill and the top of my window on the passengers side before I fixed it. So everyone started calling it that because nobody knew what the hell it was.

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