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  1. L24: More Aggressive Cam Sugguestions

    I guess the best is to talk to dave rebello. He has all grinds to fit your needs.
  2. L24: More Aggressive Cam Sugguestions

    Im running 480 lift with Original springs from rebello.
  3. One more thing to say. Did you ever drive a Turbo Z? Im saying this because the "Funfactor" depends on where you drive. I have a 274 BHP N/A Z and a 450 AWHP BMW. on twisted roads the N/A Z is so much more fun to drive then the Turbo BMW. on a light signal start or highway its the Turbo. Drive both types if you can and see what suits you best. (Gear change point at 7500 N/A with the sound of tripples is one of the best things I ever had -->The smile is much bigger with the Z...).
  4. 280z upgrade to a 300zx starter?

    There are gear reduction starters direct plug in. Smaller, lighter, faster.
  5. L31 street performer build

    I went with forged pistons and there is no noise at warm up. The price difference was like 500 if I remember correctly. Dave offers both
  6. Hello Chris This should help I used this to connect the painless wiring
  7. L6 DIS Brackets (LSX) Are Available Once Again

    Double Post
  8. L6 DIS Brackets (LSX) Are Available Once Again

    With a right click on them there is no menu and it opens a popup to save it. A right click on the ppopup you can save or sourcecode, but no open in new tab. this makes this photobucket links so useless.
  9. L6 DIS Brackets (LSX) Are Available Once Again

    Yup no pictures...
  10. I would like to OEM Eurospec lip in Urethan (Like Originally) and not FRP. Im even thinking of buying one frp and make mold for a urethan version.
  11. Hello Could you give me your thoughts about the Spark plugs? Thiis is after 600Miles of driving (I never checked so soon / have no reference.) I know the coulour plugs should have, but what I have in mind is quite equal all around. What could couse this difference around the electrode? Thanks for your input Marcel
  12. Spark plug working corectly?

    Thanks for your opinions The Engune has now 5000 miles. No smoke and it does not need any oil since 3000miles (last change) The carbs are within 0.5 synched with the sk tool I do have a strange behavier. Idle is at 10:1 afr and transition is at 12.5. If i change the idle to 13:1, the transition is to lean.(16:1) One carb shoots then back sometines. I have to play more with keith franks airleaks.
  13. Spark plug working corectly?

    Hello Chickenman Thanks for your help My engine is a Stroked L24 2753, Forged Piston, Billet Connecting rods, Compression 10:1, "mild" 227 Cam. .480 lift, Ported Head E88 with bigger valves from L28 Fidenza Flywheel with 240mm Clutch, Triple 45 Weber with Keith Franks Hypojets (H-26) and Obert E-tubes, 123 Ignition with Crane Hi-6s and LX-91 Coil. The Cables are 7mm high temperature with conductive silicone core and silicone jacket r883 from Import Direct Do you have an idea, what this unequal coloring could be?
  14. NA 3.1L=>head & camshaft questions. No shortcuts, max

    Congrats for your being back on the road. Do you know LiFeYPo4 Batterie? as compact, more secure and "just" 30% of the cost. Im using it now for 5000 miles. I would never go back to gel or liquid batteries.
  15. Yes, I run them. The first big improovement are the Hypojets (Idlejet replacement). This is a really nice of idle driving change. The obert Tubes are far better main jets and do not have a lean top as any Weber main jets. (I was able to optain a 12.5:1 at 7500, my high shifting point.) With this 2 the car runs already nice. If you have an off idle (progression holes) quick changing AFR, you can use his third Jets, which are airleaks in the progression cirquit. They will give a nice steady acceleration in the transition between the Idle and main cirquit. (I could lower my consumptions by 2L/100km with those alone) Leon knows those Jets really well and he talked to keith in person if I remember correctly. Hope this helps Marcel
  16. This dyno curve is quite typical. Transition idle jet to main jet. You can change this a lot with keith franks hypos(idle) and obert e-tubes(main) or the new bb tubes(main). Pulls like a injected engine afterwords.
  17. 2.7 ish engine builds

  18. 2.7 ish engine builds

    Take a look at my build. 1mm over, stroked 2.8 crank 275 bhp.
  19. Is it when slowly open throttle off idle coffing back throug the carbs? If so, then the coffing carb is to lean. I just fixed this 5 min ago.
  20. Aftermarket Steering Wheel Sizing

    Im using a 330 and its just fine. The z is a light car. You can still see spedo and tach.
  21. TVR Speed 6 Swap?

    Im driving a n54 with 450hp since 100kmiles with the first pump. The Problem is the gas in the us with this pump. It has been adressed by other companies in the us and works as well.
  22. You can also buy a package from Rebello. He sells kits with cast or forged pistons. The price he gave for the kit blow was "arround 2k" in 2011 You can buy our stroker kit. It comes with a stroked L28 crank (81mm) forged J&E piston, billet long rods and engine bearings. We usually go about 1.5mm over bore which will give you a 2720cc engine. We have gone further on the over bore but you need to sonic test the cylinders.
  23. Brake upgrade kit.

    I have a stage 4 silvermine rear brake kit. Used it 200miles max. Could not pass the goverment test and went back to drums.
  24. Hello Nils This Paper was written for the Original owner of this paper (the handwritten name you took at least off on top of the first page). He did not publish it but gave the original to me. I made a pdf and gave it to you without asking him if i am allowd to. (I have to live with that.) But publishing it and putt your www. JDMJunkies . ch on it without asking me is wrong! I can not allow you to keep it online without the permission of the original owner. Thanks Marcel