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  1. SleeperZ

    2019 Datsun calender

    Definitely yes, I would like one.
  2. SleeperZ

    New 240z owner from Texas :)

    Welcome, she's a beauty!
  3. Sounds like an L engine, beautiful!
  4. This is a topic that has not just one answer. Lots of factors determine what you can run, depending on your intended use, price range, and technical ability. I suggest you research what has been done, this site has more information on this than any other, as far as I know. Once you better define your needs, ask more specific questions that are more likely to get satisfactory answers.
  5. SleeperZ

    2jzge swap in progress

    Good of them to leave a note, looks like the truck survives.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I wish I could have been there, I loved Kyle Kunhausen's build!
  7. SleeperZ

    2jzge swap in progress

    Wow, that sucks in so many ways, were you in the truck? I hope you are ok.
  8. That's crazy, in a good way. What are you planning for chassis strengthening?
  9. SleeperZ

    Fuel pump and relais?

    You will not get reliable measurements from a multi meter if the component you are measuring is connected. That said, a fuel pump will have a fairly low DC resistance, and a continuity measurement will probably register as a short. So measure resistance with the pump wires disconnected. 9 volts is probably too low to power the pump. I would expect you to measure battery voltage (at least 12V) at the pump when the key is held in the START position, especially with the pump disconnected. If you measure battery voltage with the pump disconnected and 9V with the pump connected, you have bad wiring. Measure resistance from the negative to ground, it should be less than 1 ohm. if you can, measure the positive to the relay or ignition switch, it should be less than 1 ohm as well. I am not very familiar with how these cars are wired anymore, but if you can measure the wires and the connections in the circuit you will find the problem.
  10. Sweet, looks really nice, congratulations.
  11. SleeperZ

    Paul Newman Championship Racecar on Sale!

    Hmmm, make an offer.... And it's not even complete, where did the passenger seat and the radiator fan go?? (/s duh) I bet Jay Leno gets it.
  12. SleeperZ

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    300hp is easy with the internal wastegated turbo, 15psi and the MSA downpipe. I'm running a very similar setup, low tech, dynoed 313 to the wheels with stock motor and 12:1 AFR.
  13. SleeperZ

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    What a cute kid. My son had a similar condition, had surgery at 4 months. He's 17 years old now, doing well.
  14. Thanks for that link, very informative and encouraging. The silvermine kit looks great, but it requires 16" wheels, and I already have all the parts but rotors and pads for the rear. I've got about $200 spent on this so far so I will definitely try it before changing parts again. Interesting about the Porterfield equipped shoes, I would not have thought that would be supported. I've already been driving for years with the 280ZX front calipers and vented rotors, so I'll probably have to mess with proportioning in any case, and I really don't like drums. Ah well. I do appreciate the input. If I ever get this thing back on the track, I will give some more feedback, and eat as much crow as necessary.
  15. I've been using the 280ZX front calipers for years with some track use. I think most people that run the S30 on the track realize that increasing brake capability on the front without balancing it on the rear will not get much benefit. The benefit I do get is just the vented 300ZX rotor and Porterfield pads last for a few more laps even though they do most of the braking. Of course the stock rear drums do next to nothing with this much front bite, and the diving into turns is extreme. So I am now, finally, doing a rear disc conversion using the '86 Maxima rear caliper and '82 280ZX rear disc. I think this caliper has the easiest interface to the parking brake, even though the late model 280ZX rear caliper has slightly more pad area to the disc. So I'd like to solicit thoughts on this with regard to braking balance. I have less braking grip on the front than if I had used the Toyota caliper. My setup should resemble a late model 280ZX, but with slightly less grip on the rear, assuming the same brake pad compound. I'd thought I should replace the 280Z proportioning valve with the 280ZX valve, but after reading some recent threads in this sub-forum, perhaps I should consider removing the proportioning altogether. My main purpose for the car is casual track use, and not much street use, but I just don't want to rear bias the braking to the point where it becomes unsafe. Maybe my best option is an adjustable proportioning valve, just to be sure? TIA
  16. SleeperZ

    280Z Restomod Progress

    Proper fuse selection is based on the current rating of the wire in the circuits, so the wire can be protected in case of a short to ground. You are certainly picking your fuse correctly by finding the lowest rated part that won't blow in your circuit, but keep in mind fuses wear out with use, either through surges when the power is applied or through temperature rise by using the accessories in the circuits. Just to make sure you don't oversize your fuse, here is a guide for maximum fuse size by wire gauge: AWG 12 - fuse up to 20A AWG 10 - fuse up to 30A AWG 8 - fuse up to 50A http://bdfuses.com/fusesnwires.php
  17. SleeperZ

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Wow, that looks stout.
  18. As I said above, I have not had to modify the trans mount, just slot the T5 mounting ears, and it bolts in. There are several trans cross members out there that bolt in, at least on a 280Z, of course the 240Z is probably different. You can run a shortened version of the 280ZXT driveshaft, I've got a 280ZXT rear diff as well, but the input flanges on the R200 can be swapped out if you want to run a 3.54 from a 280Z.
  19. Yes, 3.54 R200. The 280ZXT T5 is more difficult to install than the Nissan unit, and I know lots of people have had great success with the Nissan unit, but I didn't have one. I like the way the T5 shifts, especially with the Mustang aftermarket short shifter with the hard stops, and I know it handles 400ft-lbs and 11 second 1/4 mile times reliably.
  20. For my 280Z, with L28ET and T5, I managed to find a transmission crossmember that almost lined up with the T5 transmission mount. I don't remember which Z or ZX it came from. I still had to slot the ears of the T5 to get it to fit. I don't know about a factory driveshaft, I had a custom one made for about $250.
  21. SleeperZ

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    I ran a 3.90 in my 280Z, and first gear was essentially useless, so I went back to the 3.54. I cannot attest to the "spooling", but I believe the reason I was able to get a faster ET with the 3.54 is I had one less shift to get to the end of the 1/4 mile. My best was a 12.89 at 110mph, 5600' elevation.
  22. SleeperZ

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    I've been running a T3/T4 with V1/V2 trim for years. Stock turbine, upgraded compressor, bought it from either Motorsport or Jim Cook, and I dynoed 313hp to the wheels at 16 psi.
  23. Yes. Make sure your thermostat is working, your radiator is in good condition and your radiator and reservoir are full. It's easier to keep the engine cool at speed due to the air flowing through the radiator. If you have a coolant flow issue, it will tend to overheat when your engine is working, at speed.
  24. Lowering RPM or changing coolant will not fix an overheating issue. If you are overheating at speed, you may have a closed thermostat or plugged radiator.
  25. SleeperZ


    Welcome! I've got a '78, been bumper-less for a long time now.