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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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I've been searching all night for this info and haven't come up with much..


I found these RB-R wheels on ebay they're 16x8 with a +04 offset, and from what I've found some people run 225/40/16 tires I think, I have a '77 280 and want to go with this setup. but would like to be sure they'll fit well before I spend the money.


any input?, my suspension is bone stock.



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I've got the 16x8s with a +10 offset on my lowered 73 running 225/50/16s.


There is a great thread here that goes over the two offsets, but basically +10 you will have to run spacers in the front (like 5mm) to clear the front perch, +4 you will have to roll your fenders.


Personally, I had to do both. I have a 7mm spacer on the front and rear, just to flush them out to the edge of the wheel well, I rolled the rear fenders but I still rub a lot. I'll fix it at some point since it is only really a problem if someone else is in the car with me. I can post up some video of the car a little later if you are interested.


Edit: Oh, and you may need longer wheel studs like I did as well, not sure on the 280s, but I got some from a 95 nissan quest I believe, rear studs...I can dig up the part number if you need it. Great wheels, pretty inexpensive aggressive eight spoke if you ask me...

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I'm running Perfromance Superlights (that almost weigh 21 pounds each!) in 16x8 with +4 offset an all corners with 225-50x16 tyres with standard suspension and no spacers, just slightly lowered but with lipped front and rear guards and have yet to hear any rubbing while driving so far.. 40 series tyres may be a bit small in profile. 50 series is as close as you can get to original rolling radius.

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Yeah not everyone has a green floored garage...its hard to miss. Is that the same you've been working on for a while?


No I parted that car out 2.5 years ago.


It is this car: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=157343&highlight=383+t56


I bought it and plan on sorting out it's loose ends and make it a daily capable if I want.

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The CCW's get my vote as the best looking set of wheels so far...they are perfect!


Here are the two sets I use, a set of Boze 18x11 Mesh for the street and a set of CCW 18x11 classics for the track.


Btw, can anyone point me to where I could find a Watanabe/Panasport style wheel in 18x11 with 5 lug pattern? I'm looking at those for a new Z I'm working on.






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posted these in the S130 forums, figured I'd better post them here as well :P

here's my car with a 15x10 -44 Eagle Alloy wheel on the back (front suspension is out of the car right now lol):


first pics with no spacer:





the last two are probably closer to my final ride-height

and these are with a 1/4" spacer (I think I'll order my wheels with this offset, just to one up my friend now :P ):





wheel specs:

15x10 -44---205/60-15

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