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Fiberglass door panels w/speaker holes

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It is for the door backing only. Think of it as a replacement for the cardboard part of the door panel. You will still have to finish off the door panel with whatever you want (leather, vinyl, cloth,

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As far as the Raffle goes... LETS DO IT! There seems to be enough guys interested, so what I 'll do is make a set of factory and speaker door panels this week, gather all the interested parties users names and have my little one pull the winner? sound fare? the winner is only responsible for shipping cost and that's it.



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Hey Guys,


Couple of things, There was a user here that wanted me to lay up a set of handles for him but I forgot his user info and lost all of his emails and PM's - So, If you still want the handles I have them boxed and ready to go.


Second thing, how about a DOOR PANEL GIVE AWAY! I was thinking about maybe having a raffle, with $1 or $2 entries. The idea is simply to cover the cost of shipping, so if we get 30 or so people that will definitely cover the cost of shipping almost anywhere in the U.S.


Maybe I can have you mail me the dollar or two entry with your name and address, All the entries go into a bag and I'll have my daughter pull the name? maybe even post it to you tube so we know its all fair? IDK what are your thoughts. Its the Holiday season and I thought it would be fun.


Sounds fair enough!  When you are ready, let us know...   :2thumbs: 

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