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  1. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    My 10 year old son and I are loving your videos. His vote is for a rear bumper but I'm liking your metal work skills and think you should go the shaved bum route...
  2. Patton Machine EFI

    I have been toying with the idea of going this route also but have not committed to it yet. Even if you don't get any response please make an install post!
  3. Zx 5-speed

    I found a transmission, thanks everyone.
  4. Zx 5-speed

    I'm looking for a 82-83 zx 5-speed. Any condition would be considered. I'm located in Delta Colorado and would be able to set up shipping on my end.
  5. N42 3.0 trackday build

  6. Zx 5-speed

    Thank you borini63 and malibud. You have a reply pm malibud.
  7. Test

  8. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    Kinda diggin the roof portion of type 2...
  9. Test

  10. Building an L28 (NA)

    Maybe remove the valve cover and verify the cam followers didn't pop off those two cylinders for some reason.
  11. Can someone tell me the search string to enter in to Google to search HybridZ?
  12. How to search HybridZ from a search engine

  13. I tried to send blue72 a PM but got a message that blue72 is not able to receive any messages. None of the pics are loading up for me, is there any way to get them restored for this thread?
  14. You say you unscrewed the mixture adjustment knobs all the way. Did you leave them all the way unscrewed? If so, then yes, you are running "stupid rich". Miles's answer will be the best thing you can do.
  15. Advice needed for thread inserts

    Keenserts are a good way to go also http://www.repairengineering.com/keensert.html
  16. L28 and DCOE sizing 40's or 45's?

    So, silly question, but does altitude come in to play at all for this part of the discussion? As in someone like me starting out at 6k ft elevation wanting to drive nearby mountain roads up to 9-10k ft elevation, would you still put a 45 on a L28 and it not be too much carb. This is a general question, I know there are many factors involved.
  17. Pull engine with tranny?

    I have always pulled the engine and transmission as separate units. Is it even possible to pull/re-install the engine with the tranny bolted together? The second part of the question then would be if it would be a preferred way to go about engine/tranny removal and installation. This happens to be on a 74 260Z btw.
  18. Choke cable relocation bracket

    I am looking for a choke cable relocation bracket made by acadiana sports car orphanage. They are out of stock at the moment.
  19. Choke cable relocation bracket

    After further research, the 260 choke bracket is different from the 240. I am fabing up a bracket right now, if I can't get that to work then I will be in the market for a 240 choke lever bracket in addition to the relocation bracket. Thanks for the response Lone_Star though. Mods can delete this thread.
  20. Pull engine with tranny?

    Perfect! Thanks guys, I'm gonna give it a shot this time around.
  21. 250 GTO Owners Thread

    That was relaxing and exciting all at the same time! Thanks!
  22. Another wheel group buy!

    I'm ready at any time.