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Show Off Your Engine Bay! Pics Wanted, L-series

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Heres my contribution

Engine bay is completely done other than wiring harness. Oh and the motor haha the motor thats in there now is heading out and getting replaced by a 3.1L. :D I originally was going to build this motor into the stroker but its a lot cheaper (on a budget) to just buy the long block from datsunpartsllc.com (plus hunting down all the parts needed was getting old) so thats the plan as of now. So since I'm on a budget I'm just selling all the parts i can and saving every dollar so i can order it. Let me know what you guys think. I haven't seen anyone ever do an aluminum firewall i wonder why is there something I'm missing? Just want to make sure since its not super permanent until the new motor is in.



*** http://forums.hybrid...es-please-read/

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GORGEOUS! Something about triples that stirs the heart...

Two of the cleanest engine bays I've seen...  kudos...        

Added some VHT wrinkle coat to the valve cover, carb tops and blocked back the raised lettering to bare aluminium.  

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Hey Sly,

I believe a member here had a 3.1 stroker for sale as can be seen in the san diego craigslist: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/pts/3179397212.html

As for the fire wall, I had two friends do that, but keeping it clean behind all the parts coming out of the firewall was a task. I would get it as clean as possible, then coat it with zoop seal.

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I'll throw in my turbo swap too. Still pretty messy.




Please read> http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/98611-posting-pictures-please-read/



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Summer love for the 240Z. Well it was suppose to be done for the spring but it was the middle of the summer before I finished the "tidy up".


- Rebuilt and painted the carbs

- Rebuilt the headers (yea what a mess - patched, grapes hanging inside. If I knew what a mess they were before I started I would have bought new headers. I'm glad I was able to keep them as they are the original old school headers the car had in '72.), POR 20, wrapped and sealed, added O2 bung for WB02

- Ported and polished intake runners, added bosses for individual vacuum ports for adjusting carbs, etc.

- Powder coated runners, fuel rail, etc

- New stainless brackets for fuel rail

- New fuel line and heat shrink clamps (cool clamps just wish they didn't have white printing on them)

- Modified throttle linkage with RC 1/8th scale truck parts - u-joints and adjustable rods.


I have since upgraded to the 280ZX dizzy and still need to do the starter (choke) cable and stainless piping for the breather/catch can.












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