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Found 38 results

  1. Looks like the starter on my 1975 280z is going bad and before looking for a 280z starter I was wondering if there were any upgrades. I found another forum where someone mentions that a 300zx starter fits the 280z but it's an old post and no one ever went into detail or talked or asked about it after that one suggestion. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about doing this, would it just be a straight bolt on? Would it require any kind of rewiring? Should I just stick with a 280z starter? Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm getting tired of the vibrations and broken U-joints associated with the stock half shafts so it's time for an upgrade. I'm looking for a pair of CV axles from either a 280zx turbo or a 300zx turbo. Post here or PM me about anything you've got. Thanks in advance!
  3. 1996 Nissan 300ZX

    Hello all, I am looking for a 1996 Nissan 300ZX 4 passenger Driver side window. Please, contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
  4. Looking for a base map for VG

    I am swapping a VG30E into a 1975 280z. I'm doing a megasquirt setup and I am wondering if anyone has a base map that they would be willing to share with me for the VG.
  5. Won't stay running

    Hey guys, I'm having idle issues where I can't keep the car running and it never seems to want to catch. Either it runs too rich and dies or runs too lean and runs very badly. I have to keep steady pressure on the throttle to keep it from dying. Clearly that means that I need more air, so I would lower my VE values and it wouldn't seem to help any. The car ran better and would actually idle around 600rpm with all the idle valves on the plenum, but none of them were wired up. I've since took them all out, as well as the egr valve, and blocked all the holes off. I have my tune and a few datalogs. The datalog labeled IDLE(not idle1 or idle2) is when the car had the idle valves on the car but not wired up to anything. The others are without the idle valves. My injector PW seems very jumpy as well as the dead time. I have them grounded directly to the MS. They are low z injectors so I chose to limit the current in TunerStudios instead of using drop resistors. I made sure no ground wire or sensor wire was in contact with any noise issues(dizzy, spark plug wires, coil). I messed with the ASE and WUE to try and stabalize my afr's and keep the damn thing running, but I've had no luck with it so far. I have an MS2/Extra v3.57 Firmware 3.3.0 straight from DIY. CurrentTune1.zip idle.zip idle1.zip idle3.zip
  6. By chance has anyone on this site changed the gear ratio of a 1989-1996 Q45 differential? My project is to change the 3.54 gears in a Q45 differential to the 4.08 gears from a NA 300ZX. The Q45 differential is currently installed behind an LT1 and 700r4 transmission in a 1976 280Z. Thank you to anyone who may be able to give me some information.
  7. I have recently rebuilt the VG30E that is in my 1985 300zx, NA and automatic. It was a stock rebuild with a rebuild kit except for the cams, which were replaced by a Wolf Technologies AZ314-000S1. Because of the new cams I also opted for a 1987 ECCS with JECS#: A18-679 M83 with nistune installed. The engine has been assembled for a couple weeks now and it's still having problems. It will fire and it seems like the timing isn't set right. We have gotten it to run long enough to hopefully break in the cams, but it has rpm fluctuations under throttle and wont idle. The current thinking is that there is a problem between the new ECCS and the 1985 wiring harness but we have tried changing some pins that we thought were incorrect, like the injector wiring into the ECCS, and it performed worse after. We are back where we started. There is also a possible problem with stock map installed with the nistune software and whether or not that is affecting it. We are using the stock bin file for a 1988 NA automatic and don't know if that could be causing a issue Any help or advice would be much appreciated. If there's anything else that would help find a solution, please ask and I'd be happy to answer.
  8. My father built this car in the early 2000's as a street/grudge car.. he sold it on ebay in 2008 to an owner I have been in contact with, and it has since changed hands who knows how many times I think it may reside in florida, the guy I was in touch with said the person he sold it to had it in florida. Really doubtful that anyone will be of any help but I figured why not. If anyone is interested on his setup ask away and i'll share more details or ask him if he remembers lol. Thanks
  9. Rb25 into Z

    So I'm having trouble picking out which conversion kit for my z but I'm stuck between two kits can someone who has done the setup suggest which kit I should get. And if anyone has used the cxracing conversion kit give me feedback on it thanks.
  10. Hello guys, my name is Dave and I like long walks on the beach and staring into the stars at night....oh wait sorry, wrong forum....I am new to these forums (although I have bee a lurker for quite a while), but am a LONG time member on 300zxclub. That being said, it's probably pretty obvious that I I have a 300zx ( that just recently decided it wanted to give up on life...AGAIN)....So I am now doing what any sane man who has been through 3 VG30's does....take on a VH45 swap! (WARNING: LONG READ. SCROLL TO BOTTOM IF YOU JUST WANT TO LOOK AT PRETTY PICTURES) A little background on the car..I have owned it since 2003 when it was just a little baby 300zx...only mods were a cat back exhaust, an intake, and an FMIC. The original motor had just under 200k on it and was NOT well taken care of. Within a matter of months, it developed rod knock...so it was time to source a new TT motor. Found a "95" Jspec motor that had supposedly just been rebuilt (it wasn't), and tossed that in. When that motor went in, I also added downpipes, test pipes, a lightweight flywheel with a stage 3 6 puck spring hub clutch, a UDP, chipped the ecu, installed an SAFC, and turned the boost up to 15lbs (still stock injectors). It was fun and it was fast..but I always had aspirations for more fun and more fast. One day I decided that it was time for a little more, so I bought a set of JWT mild regrind cams. Tossed them in, started the car up, heard a clunk, and she stopped. After tearing the front end of the car down about 5 times in 5 hours, I finally saw what the problem was...the locator dowel on the PS intake cam sheared off causing the sprocket to spin freely, which also incidentally bent all 6 intake valves on that head. After a lot of cussing, an overnight shipping order for an OEM headgasket, and about 4 hours of work, I managed to remove the busted head (with turbo) off the motor while it was still in the car. The headgasket showed up the next day, so on went one of the spare heads I had lying around. The car ran awesome...for a little bit. Probably about 15k miles of boosting and beating the ever living shit out of the car,..while driving to my BIRTHDAY DINNER in 2008, smoke started pouring into the cabin through the air vents. Managed to park, eat my dinner, and limp it back home. Tore the motor apart the next day and saw that my entire PS bank had detonated itself to death. It turns out that the hade I swapped onto he motor had been milled quite a few times, and at the time I was not aware of differences in deck height causing differences in timing. So the PS bank had essentially been running leaner and hotter due to that, and eventually decided it wanted no more. Which brings us to a long 7 year build.... As soon as I saw the damage, I started ordering parts to do the ultimate VG build. Keep in mind, this all happened back before people were really pushing the envelope for high HP Z's...at that time, 650hp was amazing to see out of a Z, so naturally...I was going for 900. It took about a year and a half to get all the parts in, but it was a nice selection...eagle rods, wesico pistons, supertech full avlvetrain, JWT R5 cams, two garrett GT3071R-WG turbos, manifolds, a custom FMIC setup, HKS triple disc clutch, and the list goes on. Lots of custom stuff, lots of one-off stuff, and lots of expensive stuff. So all that gets tossed in the car, the haltech gets wired up, and we battle about 2 years ofeletronic gremlins. Finally said F it and built a full custom harness, problem solved. Got the car street tuned and wanted to put some miles on it before it hit a dyno. So fast forward to Tuesday...it's been a while since I drove the car so I wanted to warm her up. Let her idle in the garage, everything is nice and smooth. All of a sudden I hear a nice valve train rattle and the car starts missing...bad. Jump in, turn the car off, and start looking around. I see some oil pooling on the inside lip f the cam sprocket...not a good sign. I remove the DS timing belt cover, and it looks like the cam sprocket is pulling away from the head. Great. So yesterday I rip the plenum off, pull the valve cover, and everything in there looks good. All the cam caps are still torqued to spec, the cam looks intact, but looking down the lower plenum I can see that all 6 intake valves are bent...been there before. I look a little closer, and I can actually see that the cam sprocket is angled and not sitting right. So it looks like the cam actually sheared off at the sprocket in front of the first cam strap. Ensue even more cussing and hurt feelings. This ridiculously long and expensive build lasted less than 200 miles. So the decision was made...enough. I made two spreadsheets...one of stuff I can sell off this setup, and the other of stuff I would need to buy for a VH45 swap...it is a pretty good wash. So my proposed plan....source an S2 VH45...freshen all the bearings/gaskets up, timing chain kit, etc. Wesico stock bore stock compression pistons, PVH stage 2 regrinds with valvetrain kit, head work, 1600cc top feed injectors, and two hp fta billet 3582's....at this point I have already sourced the turbos, and will be on the way this weekend...the rest is all tearing this setup out and selling it (which isn't an issue, I already have buyers for almost everything). Anyways, here is what all you guys want to see: Onec I start collecting VH stuff I'll make my own build thread for it and keep it going! Anyways, HI!
  11. Z31T CV Shaft Grease Cap

    I purchased two Z31T CV axles from two wrecking yards for my 240z rear end swap. One of them came with a grease cap and the other didn't. Does anyone know of any universal cap that might fit or does anyone have a axle with a broken housing or something that would be willing to give up their cap?
  12. Hey guys I'm looking for some advice. I want to marry a 1991 300zx vg30det with a 1993 pathfinder driveline. Can I replace the blown up vg30e with a det? Will the transmission and engine be compatible?
  13. The car runs and drives okay. Still haven't gone through much of the fuel tables. Can't seem to get the timing to adjust electronically through the megasquirt. I can set the timing mechanically but I can't get it to advance or regard through the megasquirt. I've adjusted the trigger angle and that doesn't seem to sway it either way. I have an 85 300zx turbo with a completely stock ignition system. MS2/Extra firmware: 3.3.0 I've read all over about controlling spark with distributors and an ignition coil /power transistor, but I can't seem to get it to do what I want. Any advice would be amazing.
  14. Another LS 300zx Z32

    Currently working on my first project car; a 1993 Nissan 300zx Z32. The car came as an NA 2+2 shell, so instead of rebuilding the measly VG30DE, I decided to swap in an LS series engine. Parts list is as follows 300zx LS swap LM7 5.3L Engine- $500- BOUGHT LOJ Swap kit- $2,700 My total- $435 Mounting Custom trans bracket Custom shifter bracket Custom alternator bracket Custom accessory bracket Cut/balanced driveshaft- Universal Automotive- $85 http://www.universalautomotiveconcordnc.com/index.html Accessories ACDelco F body water pump- $100 Fluids JEGS oil pan- $170 http://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS+Performance+Products/555/50228/10002/-1 JEGS oil pickup- $40 http://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS+Performance+Products/555/50247/10002/-1 Griffin Radiator PN 1-25241-X- $180 Ebay GM oil filler neck PN 12570623- $10 http://www.amazon.com/Genuine-12570623-Oil-Filler-Tube/dp/B00GV8O6I2 ACDelco fuel cap PN FC208- $10 http://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-FC208-Original-Equipment-Engine/dp/B000C9TTJM/ref=pd_bxgy_263_img_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1XZWE2S8NQKEGFR24B88 Electrical Stock wiring harness with PCM reflash Battery AC Delco spark plugs PN 41-110- $40 Ebay Coolant temp sensor ACDelco- $20 Ebay Exhaust Trailblazer SS manifolds- $150 Custom header-back exhaust Misc. Hose clamps Fuel, oil, coolant, and vacuum lines. Wire, connectors, electrical tape Power/rebuild Stock (LS1, LS6, 6.0L) camshaft- $140 Machine work- $100 Cam bore bearings (waiting on sizing)- $40 Clutch fork boot- $15 https://conceptzperformance.com/nissan-oem-300zx-fork-boot-z32-30542-31g10_p_1936.php Input shaft seal- $10 https://conceptzperformance.com/nissan-oem-300zx-manual-transmission-seal-front-input-shaft-z32-32114-y4000_p_2574.php Rear output shaft seal- $15 https://conceptzperformance.com/nissan-oem-300zx-rear-transmission-output-driveshaft-input-seal-90-96-z32-32136-01g10_p_2375.php Remaining- $1,090 Purchased Victor Reinz gasket kit- $130- BOUGHT Ebay ARC switch panel- $55- BOUGHT EZ wiring standalone chassis wiring harness- $200- BOUGHT *May require additional circuits, switches ACT 6 puck clutch/pressure plate- $200 BOUGHT *May not work with adapter plate/flywheel Speed Engineering motor mounts- $80- BOUGHT Custom adapter with lightweight flywheel- $100- BOUGHT *Still need to repair, balance, and re-make F-body harmonic balancer- $60- BOUGHT Spent- $825 The order of things Machine work $100 Cam bearings- $40 LS1 camshaft- $140 Build adapter plate AC Delco spark plugs PN 41-110- $40 Trailblazer SS manifolds- $150 Jegs oil pickup- $40 Jegs oil pan- $170 Coolant temp sensor- $20 Weld motor mounts Mount engine Transmission seals, clutch fork boot, sensors Transmission mount Shifter linkage Driveshaft shortening- $85 Alternator bracket Accessory bracket F body water pump- $100 Accessory belt- $20 Griffin radiator- $180 GM oil filler neck-$10 ACDelco oil cap- $10 Oil Battery- $200 Front brake rebuild- $50 Stoptech brake lines- $130 Wiring Tune Start car Subsitutions LS6 camshaft- $160 Scram Speed alternator bracket/Gm LS1 bracket- $140 *Uses truck accessories Dayco Serpentine belt PN 5060685 *If using truck accessories Goodyear Serpentine belt PN 4060695 *If using LS1 idler pulley Corvette water pump PN 252-781- $100* Corvette harmonic balancer-$150* *These are only to be used in conjunction with each other, if truck accessories cannot be utilized. Victor Reinz valve cover gaskets PN 695-VS50250 - $30 Ebay Victor Reinz MLS head gaskets-$40x2= $80 http://www.jegs.com/i/Clevite/695/54441/10002/-1 Fel-Pro MLS intake manifold gaskets- $60 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/fel-ms98016t/overview/make/chevrolet WIX 24766 Oil filter base- $40 http://www.amazon.com/Wix-24766-Filter-Mounting-Base/dp/B000CSIO1C OR Speedway Motors 720-1029 Oil filter base- $20 http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Single-Remote-Oil-Filter-Bracket-Vertical-Outlet-13-16-16-Thread,31462.html NA clutch/pressure plate Moroso LS oil pan PN 20140- $240 requires notching of tabs on subframe http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MOR-20140 Moroso oil pickup PN 24050- $50, http://www.summitracing.com/parts/mor-24050 Moroso 93152 oil pan gasket- $40 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/mor-93152 Chevy windage tray PN NAL-12558253- $30, requires modification http://www.summitracing.com/parts/nal-12558253 Vibrant 90 degree reinforced silicone elbow- $75 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/vpe-2748/overview/ K&N Air filter- $60 Warlbro 255lph fuel pump- $75 Ebay CX racing V mount radiator kit with 2 12” fans- $350 http://www.cxracing.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CXR&Product_Code=KIT-RAD-LS-Z32-RAD016&Category_Code=300ZX Stock LS wiring harness with PCM reflash from HP Tuners- $250 with new PCM http://www.wiringspecialties.com/prlsxtoz3230.html Resources 3V performance machine shop http://3vperformance.net/ LS6 cam spring guide Yellow= 02-04 ls6, 05-07 ls2, good for .551 lift..... Blue= 01 ls6 good for .525 lift. JShull's LQ4 swap http://www.tennspeed.net/forums/showthread.php?t=16532 Vode An’s single turbo LM4 swap http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/109763-ls-powered-single-turbo-300zx-z32/ LS how-to http://ls1howto.com/ LOJ’s R&D http://www.300zxclub.com/showthread.php?t=219340 LSX differences http://www.nookandtranny.com/Info_LSx.html LT1 swap wiring http://lt1swap.com/ Track 300zx build http://community.rat...-300zx-project/ Alternator relocation http://www.kwikperf.com/lsx_alt_ps.html General LS swap http://www.dragzine....ide-the-basics/ 300zx hard data http://www.twinturbo.net/nissan/300zx/FAQ/stats/mtjune91.html LS engine component specs http://www.smokemup.com/tech/ls1.php Camshaft basics http://www.hotrod.com/how-to/engine/0607phr-camshaft-basics/ Camshaft overlap calculator http://www.wallaceracing.com/overlap-calc.php
  15. HI , i have a 300zx tt with a automatic. recently i was driving then i lost all power and all my gears went out. car would not move in 1st, 2nd, drive or reverse. transmission fluid was good in the car. makes a whining noise now update: replaced the oem automatic transmission fluid strainer now next problem to tackle is transmission dies under idle
  16. TLDR: Z31 turbo, want a 0-60 time of around 5 seconds and want to modify to whatever hp this requires. ~$2,000 to spend. Advice? I am looking at a 1985 300zx turbo and have a few questions... I intend on dailying the car mostly but have a '73 240z to cruise in when this is out of commission (swapped in a different L24 with a friend so I have experience wrenching on cars, just not efi) My funds would be split between this and the 240z so realistically my budget is around $2,000 not including the car I don't like setting a whp goal since its kind of arbitrary due to weight/diff ratio/dyno/etc differences I am looking for a 0-60 around 5.0 seconds (e46 m3, 07 STI, 350z, etc range) 1) Is this realistic? Given my experience level (want to do all work myself), budget, and drivetrain 2) If so around how much whp is a good goal? I'm thinking in the 250-300whp range? 3) If that estimate is realistic then are these modifications sufficient? My plans are as follows: Basic maintenance(t-belt, plugs, wires, etc) Stock bottom/top end Stock Fuel system Stock ECU Either maxing out T3 turbo or installing an HY35 I have MBC set to 13-18psi (what ever will net my hp goals) Ebay intercooler/piping stock intake K&N intake filter w/ resonator removed 3" turbo back exhaust w/ hiflow cat CA 91 Octane fuel (would love to run E85 but stock fuel system will be strained already without 30% more demand for fuel) possibly MLS hg/ARP studs just for insurance? I think I've been reading too much and have gotten a little over saturated. Some people say you NEED this or that, and I've seen too many conflicting opinions. I've looked at TONS of dyno sheets and stuff on Z31.com/Z31performance's dyno section, but most of those guys are way over my output goals. Sorry if I sound like just another kid asking what the minimum I can do for X amount of HP is, but I've read so many posts of people saying they made 300whp on stock ECU/long block/fuel system and am just wondering what is necessary/a good idea to upgrade to have a pretty reliable setup for my goals. Thanks in advance!! Adrian
  17. 300zx 50th Anniversary key uncut

    I have two 50th anniversary keys that are uncut for sale in the oem box from Nissan with plastic wrap still in tact. One is sold. Still have one left. Need these gone asap for bills ):
  18. Z1 HardPipes 300zx (TT)

  19. z31 300zx turbo CV axle - 2 pairs available

    I have 2 pairs of turbo z31 300zx cv axles. In used condition off a running car. looking to get $300 a pair. Let me know if your interested. I can get pictures if needed.
  20. I am fitting the Techno Toy rear end conversion to my 260z. I have sourced the donor components from a z32 300zx but decided to shorten the axles myself as the cost of sending over and back to US from Aus was prohibitive. I have read all I can about this subject but i get conflicting opinions from both the threads on here and elsewhere and as there are a number of different axles / spline assemblies it is very type specific. My setup has an R230 VLSD with the 5 spoke diff stub axle outputs. These match to the 5 spoke CV shafts which are different lengths due to the Diff offset in the 300zx (RHS is longer). I have found a shop which will make me up new shafts, not a problem (I can't re-use the shafts I have as they narrow down in the section where I would need to cut the new splines). My problem is dismantling the wheel side CV assembly. The diff side is no problem - snap ring off, turn the assembly, balls drop out etc... But the manual says the wheel side cannot be dismantled then proceeds to say it can be taken off the shaft by using a slide hammer pulling on the wheel stub nut to pull the assembly off the shaft. Now, I may be missing the point completely but I can't see any way looking at the assembly that this can be done without breaking the circlip that holds the splined end into the ball race? The assembly casing looks close welded to me. Does anyone know how this can be done? Also, how do you re-install it ? Does the casing come apart when you give it enough welly? This latter action is the only way I can see that the shaft can be exposed and the cir clip then taken off ( and re-installed) but I can't see a joint on the assembly. If this is a factory sealed unit and thus can't be taken apart at all then does any Z'der in Aus know a CV manufacturer who will make new complete axles? Pics attached. Thanks all.
  21. Response Type aluminum negative-camber roll-center correction kit (aka bumpsteer spacers) This kit raises the rollcenter of a 1" lowered vehicle back to normal ride height, and by pushing the spindle outboard, it adds a little track width like a wheel spacer, while adding roughly 2 degrees of extra negative camber. Also available in heavy duty steel, this RCA kit has been track tested in lemons/chump car road racing, used in auto-x, and has gone drifting, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive by owners... - 32mm height (approximately 25mm roll center correction) - 18mm offset (approximately 11mm track width enhancement, per side) - Helps prevent lower control arm edge from rubbing rotors after brake upgrades - Comes with all replacement hardware Special Pricing: $165+shipping Available for local pickup in Toronto only PM for details/shipping quote Here's a lovely shot of a proud owner going around the cones:
  22. looking for a clsd 3.7 or 3.5 diff from a 84'-89' 300zx .
  23. my 450zx drift missile

    hey guys. just joined thought id post my car up show some of you what ive done. this is my 91 Z 2+2. i pulled a 94 q45 VH motor from the junk yard. tore it apart and went through it with a fine tooth comb. clean the motor out, replaced every gasket and o-ring posibble, and hope when i dropped it in it would run. and it did. so its 94 vh45de motor. bone stock besides 3inch straight pipe and cold air. TT trans with an adapter plate. stock shaft, stock diff, just aggressively welded. K-sport coilover, adjustable camber arms all around, tension rods, energy suspension everything in the rear. modded knuckes and extended tie-rods in the front with extended LCA's. drilled and slotted rotors. dual caliper set up in the rear for the hydro. running the q45 ecu. i custom made my own chassis harness ran everything to toggle switches. inside is completely gutted, i wire-wheeled the sound deadening off the floor for 4 weeks. then primed it. i have a corbeau forza and a evo 8 recaro with a no name and a ABeltCo harness. toggle switch pannel dash with push to start. momo wheel, nrg QR. i flocked the whole dash, took out the cluster, cut a piece of wood the same shape, flocked it and stuck it in there. i just have an apexi tach with a digital engine temp display. 14inch shift knob i welded from scrap metal and a 11inch hydro lever i made from a tension rod i snapped. battery in the hatch with a custom battery box and the fuse box is where the glove box would be, along with the kill switch. i going to keep adding to the car so ill be uploading pictures periodically. doing a full cage, fuel cell, and tube front and rear. im just a street drifter and i go to track events when theyre held. i just do this stuff to my car because i want to, not because i need it because im an FD driver or anything.
  24. So here's my delima, I have a 75 280z with a bad alternator, I want to slightly step up to the 85 300zx alternator (already shipped) because I don't physically have it yet I do not know what the new plug style will be and our junk yard only has an 88 300zx, now according the nissan parts website the 85 alternator partnumber is the same 83-86, so i'm just wondering if anyone knows if the plugs are the same so I can snach the 88's
  25. Hey everyone, After thinking about getting an S30, I decided to get a Z31 turbo. Lower up-front cost, newer components, cheaper to go fast, and less rust! Anyways, picked her up last night and drove 5 hours back home. She needs some work, mainly new seat-belts, clutch, and brakes. She's a Canadian model and has 218k km (~135k mi). I've got the OEM wheels, too (yes, they are tucked away inside the car in the pics). The previous owner did some work, clearly. If anyone is in the San Antonio, Austin, or Houston areas, hit me up!