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    So I made a laser alignment tool based on a few Ideas I gleaned from the forum. I made a slip collar that fits over the CD009 output shaft that holds a 45ACP laser bore setter. I'm using this for the horizontal alignment. Works well. I made a target that has a couple of alignment lines. The bottom is parallel/perpendicular to those lines so you can use a level to get it plumb. I then proceeded to drill so many holes in it that it's almost useless:) The key word here is almost. That was a far over to centerline as I could get it. I need to rework either the Diff mount or the trans mount to get it any further but it's only about a half a degree so I may live with it. I'm running the Technoversions RT mount and I switched to the top mount instead of the stock bottom. This brought the pinion angle down to 2.8 degrees. The transmission is at 2.9 degrees so I'm pretty satisfied. Hard to tell if it made much of a difference but the math says it should.
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    I’m here because of a few reasons: 1) seems to be populated by more seasoned, experienced people 2) I don’t do Facebook... too much political content and trolling. I do Instagram though. I post pictures of my work, and just unfollow people when they post a political (left or right) image.
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    Signal and reverse lights cleaned up/painted and new lenses added. Will replace all the wiring later. Made some wheels out of swivel casters, 4x4's and U-bolts so I could push the car around. Also had to move garages which was slightly sketchy. In the new space with some major garage upgrades. Finally got the cage in for good. More details to come. Strut towers also cut for weld-in plates. Lining up the T3 weld-in camber plates. IMG_6134.mov Welded on both sides. In retrospect, it would have been prettier if I put them on top of the towers, but it seemed like this would be stronger. They'll be covered by STB brackets anyway. A huge haul of parts show up, as well as seats and belts. Quick test fit:
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    The price and popularity of S30's has been going up for a while now, well before the 400z was even officially announced that they were going to make it. With more and more cars becoming numb, fat, and auto-only, there is going to be a shift back into older cars that aren't necessarily as fast, but are perceived as "more engaging". Add in that the S30 is beautiful, and is becoming more and more rare due to many of them having been fully rusted away or crashed into trees, and the price goes up. Until the price of gasoline becomes absurd (i.e. 20 dollars a gallon or more), I don't see the prices of these going down any time soon/ever. The people on Bringatrailer with too much money have definitely shot the price up faster than anyone could have ever imagined.
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    The 3D printed real panel just arrived. I had to send it to someone with a large format printer and even then it came in 3 parts. We will have to adjust the position of the lights a bit to get it mounted correctly. For now I'm going to leave the red/white paint showing behind it, despite my original plan to black out that area. It looks pretty cool in person. It's easy enough to change it to black later.
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    Ahh, that is the question people have been trying to answer for a very long time, good luck on quest to find the answer. You might want to join a local Z car club, there will be many guys there that will be willing help you in lots of ways. https://njzclub.com/ https://datsunnissanclub.wordpress.com/tag/nissan-z-club-of-new-jersey/
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    While the Z is at my place, my Bodyshop gave me some homework: To completely strip the chassis from all the seam sealer, undercoating, bondo and paint so that it's easier for him to remove old welds and weld new stuff... started by removing the biggest chunks in the front inner fender area with a spatula. but after an hour i realized i need a faster solution. After a bit of research, i found this tihng called Turbo-Igel (Turbo Hedgehog). The name comes from the "hook" style spikes that remind of a hedgehog This thing works absolutely brilliantly and isnt really agressive to the metal due to it's unique shape. The problem is, after 10 minutes the effect really starts to weaken since the hooks get dull. but you still can u se it totally for about 30minutes at a maximum speed of 3500 rpm. then all the hooks are gone With two disks i managed to get this much done in approx. 2 hours of work: Well and while the car got cleaner, i got dirtier And i removed approx 3-4 kgs of Bondo / Paint, underbody coating, seam sealer etc.. Still a lot to do. for me and the bodyshop. can you see all those terribly cheap repair attempts from previus owner? And rusty spots? And dents where there shouldn't be? Well... i've come too far to stop now, i guess
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    I haven’t actually measured anything aside from jacking up the control arm and making sure the strut didn’t hit the stops right away. I just say that because I’ve never felt any harsh change in the suspension movement. The roads around me in NC are pretty good thankfully. I’ve got KYB shocks and I think that 2+2 Eibachs are actually a little stronger.
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    one more week to go before Nismo Fiesta. There's a lot still to do. I really only expect to get it put back together and running to be able to get it down there. Real test and tune will have to wait.
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    Thanks for the info. The speedo difference doesn't bother me much. I'd just like to keep the revs down as much as possible when cruising.
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    New, wonderful, period-looking, dished and wide competition S30 wheels NEW ! 14x7J ET-16 PCD 4x114.3 CB 73.1 Weight 6.82kgs Color – bronze/anthracite Interior diametre (to pass over brakes and calipers) 345mm. Also fits Nissan PS30-B Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX and other Datsuns. Supplied with centre-hub stickers of either a Z design or REAL WHEELS (specify when ordering please) and an exclusive white, REAL leather key ring. Uses standard, tapered wheel-nuts : tyres (tires) fitted were 195/70x14R Prices (shipping included) : Europe : €920 UK :£936 North America : usd$1390 Australia, NZ, Middle East : usd$1440 /aus$1978 Any questions, measurements required, please don’t hesitate to ask.
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